Review Summary

Are you of the opinion that if you just could get more women to talk to you, you would be an absolute stud in the bedroom? Are you introverted and meek? Do you get angry when you see guys who seem like total jerks bedding all the ladies? Perhaps there is a solution to your social problem. Perhaps it isn’t your looks or your personality after all.

Researchers are only now discovering just how important a role pheromones play in the sexual dynamic between men and women. Some men just exude confidence; they always have a bevy of babes around them at the bar. Well, you may be that guy. Because his secret weapon is not some cheesy cologne or pick-up line, it’s not his investment banker job or expensive suit. The truth is, it may be pheromones. Now, pheromones are being bottled and sold online, so that we may all have a fair shot at the biological imperative to spread our seed. Pheromax for Men may bring out your innate animal magnetism.

Ingredients at a Glance
This men's version of Pheromax employs 3 mg androsteNONE and 2 mg androsteNOL.

Ingredients in Focus
We think we know what pheromones are, but where exactly do we get the ingredients for a formula such as this? Androstenol is a pig sex pheromone, possessing a musk-like odor. It is found in large quantities in boar saliva, but also in smaller quantities in human sweat glands.

Anecdotal evidence uncovered in our research tells us that the primary reported response to Androstenol, or Androstenol containing products, has been an increase in chattiness and friendliness from both sexes. It has been referred to as an “ice-breaker” pheromone.

Incidentally, it is possible to overdose on pheromones. An overdose of Androstenol may cause headaches, delirious fatigue and an impression of weakness, which is the exact opposite of your desired result.

This may be for guys who wish for women to come to them. For guys who desire a secret advantage over all the other dudes at the bar. For guys who have a lot to offer and respect women, but who don’t know how to approach them. If this describes you, you may be an appropriate candidate for this pheromone product.

• Comes in attractive box
• May be mixed with favorite fragrance

• Relatively expensive
• May not increase stamina

Final Thoughts
Pheromax pheromone spray seems to require little effort or risk. If you are convinced that you would be a god in bed if only you had the opportunity, then what’s the harm in trying this fragrance? But if you desire a formula that will improve your erections, make you harder and last longer and assist you in becoming a better lover, you must seek out a supplement designed for this purpose.

You’ve heard that there are herbal alternatives to Viagra and other prescription drugs, but you don’t know the first thing about herbs, and are uncertain of where to begin your research. Look for a product that may increase stamina and sex drive by increasing cardiovascular power and improving circulation. In this way, you are treating the problem at its source. If you desire potency, stamina, size and endurance, we believe you should consider a formula made with Yohimbe as the key ingredient, supported by other great herbs and botanicals. Always make sure you are getting a product that suits your needs and is appropriate for your health presentation. We suggest really carefully reading customer testimonials, as they are often a good way to determine who has been assisted by a specific supplement.

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