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Reviews At a Glance

Get started learning about the most effective and beneficial Male Health & Wellness products on the market, below are just a few excerpts from our many reviews:

Zialipro™ - Fast Acting Sexuality Booster for Men
What do men want from a sexuality formula – one that “really” works, and according to a long line of consumer reviews that’s exactly what Zialipro™ delivers each and every time! Users are clearly very excited about the results they’ve achieved with this formula, in terms of enhanced erections, sex drive and endurance. Men are using this formula for lots of different reasons, some simply want an extra edge in the bedroom, while others are looking for some help with erectile problems. Zialipro™ uses an array of extracts and elements, with a proven history of success, to provide men fast acting results, no matter why their using it, as well as offering support for the long term. Zialipro™ has quickly become the “go to” formula for those in the know - on the sexuality market. Do yourself a favor and check out this review, you won’t regret it. MORE

The Flex Belt: Scientifically Advanced Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is a core training “machine” which has scored some of the best ratings and reviews with celebrities, athletes, body builders and most importantly average consumers, just like you. We’ve all had “six pack envy” at some time or another, wishing we had some time to get our waistline in shape. It’s hard to feel “ripped” with a belly, but getting rid of it takes lots of time- right? Not anymore The Flex Belt® uses scientifically driven EMS technology to take the time factor out of the core training equation, working the entire core for you - no crunches, no leg lifts, no squats – no nothing. It’s basically put it on and go! It’s legit - earning an FDA clearance, and doing extremely well in studies, in which users report results, they could see and feel. Read the review and find out why The Flex Belt® is the highest rated core training machine on the market. See for yourself what everyone is talking about. MORE

Membrane Integrity Factor – Enhance Virility Now
Membrane Integrity Factor is the “real deal” when it comes to providing users with a way to naturally increase youthful virility – without expensive doctor’s visits or injections. Until very recently Membrane Integrity Factor was only available in Europe, where it’s done extremely well with researchers and consumers. But now it's here, and American consumers who’ve already given this doctor-developed formula a go, are extremely excited by its performance. Membrane Integrity Factor works by taking aging issues head-on, providing your body with genuine HGHR, to naturally stimulate your body - exactly where it needs it. Men are really excited about the results they’ve achieved with Membrane Integrity Factor - reporting improved sexual and athletic performance, as well as looking and feeling better. MORE

VisagRelax Plus – Proven Male Enhancement
When it comes to male enhancement products, VigRx Plus™ is one of the most popular choices for men. It could be because it provides noticeable size changes in a relatively short amount of time or because it dramatically increases a man’s libido. This sexual enhancement supplement is one of the most promising products of its kind currently on the market. What makes VigRx Plus™ different is the ingredients included within. Pure, all natural components like Bioperine, Damiana and Epimedium, all work in harmony to deliver both increased erection size and improve sexual pleasure. Best of all, it comes with no negative side effects. Because of its many benefits, this supplement has received numerous positive accolades. MORE

Semenax - Super Sized Orgasms
Semenax’s developers believe that men can have intensely pleasurable orgasms that seem to go on and on, each and every time and according to users, that's exactly what this formula delivers. If you’ve ever wondered if you could orgasm like the guys you see in the movies, you don’t have to anymore! Semenax’s all natural formula was designed to provide you with enhanced semen volume, so orgasms don’t just feel incredible, but are stronger, last longer and are more explosive. It’s really just that simple - this formula is all about orgasms, nothing more and nothing less. For some men this is all they want, but if you also want to boost your erections, sex drive, stamina or energy levels, it can be combined with formulas, like Zialipro, so you get the full package – it’s up to you. Semenax has long been a top performer in the industry. MORE

ProExtender – Penis Enlargement Miracle
If you've ever dreamt of being bigger, now's your chance. Also, for those who suffer a lack in desired girth or even a crooked penis - The ProExtender may be the solution. The ProExtender system uses an effective traction technique and the highest quality of male enhancement supplements to deliver real, significant enlargement results. A medical doctor developed the first ProExtender prototype back in 1994, and since that date this device has gone through trials and refinements to become the most effective system today. In fact, the ProExtender system has gained the trust of doctors and is used in clinics across the globe. More than 100,000 men have had their penis enlarged with this system and many report a 25% increase in growth. MORE

Muscle Advance Creatine - Increase Your Muscle Mass
Muscle Advance Creatine is a top-performing muscle builder. This supplement is packed with a powerful formula that will promote muscle performance and power. Users of this supplement can expect gains in endurance and energy, and will even see improvements in athletic performance. Those in the know have found that Muscle Advance Creatine is the brand used by the pros to increase their workout capacity. Muscle Advance Creatine can truly benefit anyone who is willing to commit to a workout program that uses this supplement to supercharge his weightlifting and performance. MORE

Pheromones – Immediate Attraction Formula
Pheromones have been in the news lately and it is reported that men that elicit a "pheromone scent" absolutely have better success with women. We found that this particular brand of Pheromones, Nexus Pheromones - unlike others, was proven to work. Nexus Pheromones is clinically proven to make women more attracted to men. This is the most effective brand we've seen and the studies prove that men wearing the Pheromones do better with women. If you have ever been curious about Pheromones, Nexus Pheromones even offers a money back guarantee. Read the review, right now you can even try it risk free for 67 days. MORE

VisagRelax Oil - Intensify Your Orgasm
VigRX Oil for men is the best topical sexual enhancer now available on the market. This special oil is equipped with clinically proven ingredients that can dramatically improve a man’s performance in the bedroom. The fast-acting formula delivers instant results ensuring larger and firmer erections. The contained VigRX Oil formula is backed by members of the medical community and even comes with a money-back guarantee. Best of all VigRX Oil is all natural works right away. MORE

GenF20 Plus - Turn Back Time
With restored HGH levels, it is possible to feel younger, fitter and more vigorous each day. Increased lean muscle, a faster metabolism, reinvigorated sex drive and better sleep are just a handful of benefits that can be achieved with effective HGH supplementation. GenF20 Plus is one of the most effective dual-product HGH releaser system products we have seen. This scientifically backed system can restore your HGH levels and is reported to fight overall body aging. MORE

Flex Arms: Tricep & Bicep Toning, Electronically
Flex Arms® is a true revolutionary device that offers people the ability to tone and tighten the muscles in their arms without having to lift a single weight. This is possible through the use of EMS medical grade technology. The Flex Arms® system has been cleared by the FDA and its reputation for results is consistently growing online. If you are interested in toning up your arms, you simply put the Flex Arms® on and let it go to work. The product sends electronic signals into the muscles, signals that tell the muscles to contract. Your biceps and triceps can be stronger and firmer with this truly modern product. Reviews online further support the reports of success experienced with this technologically advanced device as the majority of folks who’ve used the Flex Arms® system said their arms were more toned as a result. MORE

Deer Antler Plus – Natural Muscle Support
Deer Antler Plus is the only supplement body builders need to get stronger, bigger muscles. This potent natural formula was designed to not only support muscle building, but to also support muscle recovery, as well as joint health and immune function. Deer Antler Plus provides incredible endurance to power you through tough workouts and allows you to reduce your recovery time. The contained formula utilizes unique natural ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere, and was specifically formulated to support growth, definition and as mentioned recovery. With this formula, you are getting a formula that ultimately can help you naturally build muscles. This is one product unlike any you may have tried before. MORE

Profollica – Reverse Hair Loss
Profollica is the top performing hair recovery system for men. With this system, it is possible to actually postpone the balding process and to hold on or bring back your full head of hair. This system is equipped with a clinically proven ingredient that does not require a prescription and which has no known side effects. This dual-product system works to slow, stop and reverse hair loss. Profollica is effective as it addresses the internal, genetic causes of hair loss and works from the inside out to promote hair growth. Profollica is an amazing doctor recommended formula exclusively for men. MORE

HyperGH 14x - Naturally Gain Lean Muscle
Guys who want to naturally gain and maximize their muscle strength and definition cannot pass up HyperGH 14x. This top-performing supplement is the best natural HGH-induced muscle growth product now on the market. This supplement is not like any other HGH booster as we’ll discuss in the review. HyperGH 14x is a releaser and stimulates the body’s own natural HGH production. With this supplement you can stack on the lean, hard muscle – all while stripping the soft body fat to reveal the contours and definition of your new muscle mass. If you are serious about results, HyperGH 14x is your choice. MORE

Vivaxa – Gain the Staying Power
Vivaxa is the ultimate male sexual enhancement product for overall control. It does not promise to enlarge the penis by length or girth, but instead focuses on where many men keep missing the mark when it comes to bedroom performance. Vivaxa can improve a man’s stamina so that he does not climax too early or before his partner. In a recent study, 88% of women said they are most concerned about their partner’s stamina. Vivaxa topical gel was designed to help people go the distance by gently desensitizing the skin so that it’s possible to enjoy sex for a longer amount of time. Even after the first use, men and their partners can experience longer lasting intimacy that is more satisfying for both. MORE

Stop Grow - Proven Hair Inhibitor
When you have the muscles, the best way to show them off is with that bronzed, beach ready look. Unfortunately, removing the necessary body hair to achieve this look can be quite the painful, long process. This is why Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor is the ideal product for any man who wants a clinically proven way to reduce unwanted body hair. Stop Grow can be strategically applied to only target those areas of the body where you want hair removal, or at least hair thinning. Stop Grow is effective because it contains proven natural ingredients and is easy to use. With Stop Grow you no longer need to suffer from back hair. MORE