Review Summary

Xtend Penis Enlargement Formula is advertised as helping men become “much bigger” in a short period of time. According to the advertisement, this product is the “world’s #1 doctor recommended penis enlargement formula” and is now “three times more powerful.” Supposedly, men can expect to add up to “five full thick inches” in just 60 days or less when using Xtend.

The product is advertised as something that men might want to try for the sake of their sexual partners, and posts a statement from a woman’s perspective; no other testimonials or medical endorsements are posted, however, and in fact, few product details are available. We will look at the product more closely below.

Ingredients at a Glance
According to the product’s advertisement, Xtend contains a proprietary botanical blend that contains the “safest, freshest, most potent herbal ingredients from across the globe.” Unfortunately, these herbs are not listed on the site.

Ingredients in Focus
On the website for Xtend, it is stated that the proprietary formula used in the product is the “only leading male enhancement formula to be designed and endorsed by a world renowned, board certified urologist,” but the name of this doctor is not given.

We were disappointed that so few details were available, from the name of the formula developer to the actual list of ingredients. We believe that consumers have a right to know what it is that they are ingesting before deciding to make a purchase. Some herbs are more effective than others, and even with natural formulas, there could be side effects associated with some ingredients that consumers should be aware of.

Some men may feel that their sex lives would improve if their penis were a little longer in size and perhaps a bit wider in girth. For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction who feel they could benefit from a product that claims to enlarge the penis, this product might be appealing.

As stated, the product is advertised as helping to increase penis length by as much as five inches in just 60 days, simply by taking the pills daily. Since we have not seen any product that can actually make the penis grow, we would like to see more research posted about the formula and what effect it has had on real men; unfortunately, these facts are not available.

Some natural formulas we have seen are actually able to enhance erections by increasing penile blood flow. Yohimbe, an African bark extract, has been used for decades to address impotency and is contained in many products available for male enhancement.

• Price discounts are available online
• Claims to be doctor-recommended

• No verifiable doctor endorsement is posted
• Does not claim to contain Yohimbe
• No mention of clinical studies done on product
• Site does not post testimonials from men who have used the product
• List of ingredients not available

Final Thoughts
Men might be interested in Xtend since it contains a blend of herbal extracts and is advertised as being doctor recommended for enlarging the penis and enhancing performance. The use of a supplement seems to be a simple and quick way to get results, and the product was available for a discounted price at the time of this review, making it even more affordable.

However, we are concerned that so few facts are available about Xtend and the formula used. We have found that the type of formula used really does make a difference, and products that are high quality and fast acting seem to help get the best results.

As discussed, Yohimbe is a potent bark extract that has been recognized by the FDA for addressing symptoms of impotency, and is highly effective in aiding with quality of erections. Men who wish to improve sexual function in the most beneficial way should seek products containing Yohimbe.

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