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Review Summary

In a market which is inundated with products that are advertised as being able to dramatically increase sexual function it was rather refreshing to come across one, whose developers, had gone the extra mile in order to ensure potent and swift results. Vivaxa is a fast acting stamina gel that our research shows has helped countless men regain and boost their sexual health and performance. Unlike many other gel-based products Vivaxa is fast drying so that your partner won’t lose any sensation during sex. It is also extremely fast acting due to this unique delivery system.

Vivaxa belongs to a class of holistic formulas, which fall under the category of “orgasm control products”, which are sought out for many different reasons. Some men wrestle with issues around having low stamina, which can mean that they ejaculate too quickly, because their timing is off. This can be a profoundly frustrating issue for men and their partners, as well as making men feel less sexual, because they feel inadequate. However, other men simply want to last longer during sex or give themselves an edge in the bedroom. The really remarkable aspect of Vivaxa is that it is a multifaceted product, which can help users address both these issues effectively and quickly.

On many levels we are convinced that this product is extremely effective, but perhaps the greatest “convincer” of all was the testimonials posted on this site not only from the users of Vivaxa, but also from their partners. These success stories were very heartfelt and direct; highlighting the overall effectiveness of Vivaxa in terms of its ability to help users increase sexual stamina and timing, while also increasing their ability to give their partners more pleasure. We suggest checking out the testimonial section, as well as reviewing the special offers on the website.

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Ingredients in Focus
It can be very difficult for developers to create a formula that can improve sexual stamina and timing without negatively affecting erection quality. It usually takes a great deal of expertise and effort to effectively develop a potent and productive formula. Vivaxa uses a formula, which manages to maintain erection integrity, as well as dramatically increase user’s stamina.

Calmosensine and Peptide 171 are the active ingredients in this formula; both of which can be quickly absorbed by penile tissue to insure swift results. However, sometimes these products dry very slowly and can desensitize your partner’s vaginal tissue, thereby limiting her sexual pleasure. Here the developers of Vivaxa set the bar higher by incorporating a special quick drying technology into this gel to avoid this issue. Many users have reported that they feel almost immediate results when using this product, while there partners experience no side effects.

Our findings confirm that Barmensen Labs, the developer of Vivaxa, uses two of the most potent sexual performance agent’s currently available. Peptide 171 is well known for its ability to increase erection quality; and Calmosensine™ has been proven to be able to sooth penile tissue so that users can sustain their erections a lot longer. Neither Calmosensine nor Peptide 171 is a numbing agent, which is a really great decision on the developer’s part, because numbing agents can really limit sexual pleasure.

Our research has shown that gel based technology is far more effective than herbal pills or capsules. Pills can lose their potency due to the digestion process and from going through the liver, which can filter some of the extracts out or render them ineffective. Research has shown that as little as 5% of the ingredients in these pills or capsules find their way into the blood stream. Topical solutions on the other hand, have been shown to be able to deliver as much as 95% into the tissues when directly applied-making them highly effective. For more in-depth information regarding the element and technology used in this product we suggest clicking below.

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Sexual Benefits
We were really pleased to see that the Vivaxa website devoted a large amount of space to outlining the research regarding this product and its formulary. In fact, in a recent study Vivaxa was shown to significantly increase sexual stamina and timing of users who had issues in this area. These results were confirmed by the testimonials posted on the Vivaxa website, which is rather lush in terms of content. We had to devote a fair amount of time to reviewing it, and we liked what we found posted there.

No one can tell you better how well a product works than a peer who has tried it. However, the most telling testimonials were from the girlfriends and wives of men who used Vivaxa. For instance, one woman wrote: “he felt more firm and fuller than ever before and let’s just say that by the time we’d finished making love, I’D GOTTEN MINE TWICE!” We always suggest consumers read through testimonials to see what their peers have to say and this section is well worth a look.

• 60 - day money back guarantee
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• Contains Calmosensine and Peptide 171
• Can increase stamina while maintaining erection quality
• Not a numbing Cream
• Research and many testimonials posted on the website
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• Website offers in-depth information on this product, so consumers may have to make some time to fully review it

Final Thoughts
There are countless products available to consumers who are seeking to increase their sexual and erectile stamina. However, many of them are little more than numbing creams which decrease users sexual feeling, as well as ending up inside their partner so that her sexual pleasure is reduced too. As noted earlier, Vivaxa is not a numbing cream- it is actually a product that can increase sexual pleasure and erectile quality, while simultaneously increasing the duration of user’s erections. What we liked best about the product is that it is fast drying. Vivaxa also insures that the gel stays where it belongs- on you and not inside your partner.

We were impressed with the research we found regarding the effectiveness of the ingredients Calmosensine and Peptide 171. However, it was the testimonials by users and their partners, which really brought home the overall effectiveness of this product. User’s reported that they experienced stronger, harder and much longer lasting erections when using Vivaxa, while their partners experienced longer lasting and greater sexual pleasure.

Trying Vivaxa is risk free, because the developer is offering a 60 money back guarantee! There are also many special price breaks available for orders. We found this developer to be extremely consumer friendly and confident in their products abilities. With Vivaxa, endurance is the name of the game.

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