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Review Summary

From time to time we are lucky enough to come across a male sexuality enhancer that makes promises and can actually deliver. This is very much the case when it comes to VisagRelax Plus. It has been used by countless consumers, many of whom report back that it has taken their sex lives to a whole new level; offering them a solution to issues around, low sex drive, penis size and even soft erections. Perhaps this is why the formula is even recommended by Dr. Steven Lamm as seen on ABC’s hit show The View. Dr. Lamm has investigated many products and was pleasantly surprised that the makers of VisagRelax Plus used only the best of the best natural ingredients.

This is a market that can be really short on longevity when it comes to male sexuality enhancing products. However, the developers of VisagRelax Plus have been around for a really long time, and have a proven and verifiable track record of creating results due to their focused approach of developing formularies. Their commitment to providing consumers with real results they can see and feel is obvious from the long term following they have developed. Nowhere is their customer’s excitement more obvious than in their comprehensive testimonial section, which we strongly suggest consumers check out.

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Ingredients at a Glance
The minute we looked at the formulary used in VisagRelax Plus we were impressed, because this developer has hand picked the most effective herbal extracts for inclusion on this formula. These extracts have been shown to be able to enhance sexual function in general, and erection quality in particular. VisagRelax Plus contains some of the following: Bioperine, Damiana, Epimedium, Ginko Leaf, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto berries, Muria Pauma Bark, Catuaba Bark, and Hawthorn Berry.

Forumla in Focus
After reviewing the formulary used in VisagRelax Plus it was clear that it was scientifically engineered to provide users with optimal results. The potent extracts included are known aphrodisiacs, which have long histories of being used effectively around the world; drawing on the experience of practitioners from China, Europe and South America to increase sexual performance and pleasure, as well as penis size.

The precision they illustrate in this formula really showed us why they have developed such a following among their consumers. For instance, they use two of our favorite sexuality enhancers- Epimedium and Damiana, both of which have been proven to be able to significantly increase male sexuality. Epimedium, naturally has an effect to increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn increases sex drive, virility and potency. Damiana is an aphrodisiac, which has a natural and well researched ability to stimulate the nerves in the penis, thereby enhancing sexual pleasure, as well as increasing the hardness and strength of erections.

The additional ingredient Muira Pauma, and aphrodisiac, has been shown in research studies to address sexuality on multiple levels, by augmenting both the psychological and physical aspects of sexuality; showing great promise in easing erectile dysfunction. Ginseng and Epimedium, work exceptionally well together, because they each address low libido and sex drive in different ways. Ginseng eases erectile and sexual fatigue, while Epimedium directly boosts sexual desire. Catuaba bark is an aphrodisiac, which is credited by the Tupi Indians as being the reason why their men continue to be sexually potent way into old age. It works on a very deep level; users have reported having erotic dreams as well as experience an increase in their sexual potency.

Sexual Lifestyle
The VisagRelax Plus website has an extensive testimonials section complete with easy to read pie charts, that represent results provided by customers of VisagRelax Plus returning an online survey. Men who have used this product, and who have experienced life-changing results wrote testimonials. One user wrote “Increase in length AND girth… this product works! I have even recommended it to friends.” and another wrote that “I have been using VisagRelax Plus for a month now and my penis has gotten thicker and a little longer. Even my girlfriend noticed and she was amazed.”

These kinds of success stories really give consumers a clear picture of what this product can do to enhance their sexuality. However, it is the clear charts and additional success stories that illustrate just how effective VisagRelax Plus is at enhancing erectile and penile size. We suggest checking this section out to see the results for yourself.

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• According to the official website: In just 84 days, guys saw a 71.43% INCREASE in sexual & intercourse satisfaction
• Contains Epimedium and Damiana
• You can try It RISK FREE For 67 Days
• Backed by clinical studies & scientific research
• A money back guarantee

• The website is fairly in-depth, so readers may want to budget some time to review it in its entirety

Final Thoughts
Overall VisagRelax Plus is an impressive product, and we are convinced that it can help users achieve the kinds of results they are looking for. As noted earlier, this product uses some of the most effective sexuality enhancers available; ones that have been used effectively and safely for centuries, such as Epimedium and Damiana-two of the most sought after sexuality enhancers on the market.

Additionally VisagRelax Plus is one of the only products available that has completed a human clinical trial, with very impressive findings. However, for us, it is the testimonials from happy and satisfied customers along with not only having one doctor’s endorsement , but THREE! This really brings home how effective this product is. Users report that they perform better in bed, last longer, want sex more often and that their penis size has increased, as well as experiencing stronger and harder erections. If you’ve ever wanted to try a product to actually get results, you can rest assured VisagRelax Plus is a superior formulation and highly recommended.

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