Review Summary

Vasomax is a pharmaceutical drug often used by men to address symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The product is advertised as helping to alleviate impotence and “ejaculatory failures” and works by helping to increase blood flow to the genital region. The drug is available by prescription only.

Currently, men experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, or others related to sexual dysfunction, have a number of options for improving the condition, from pharmaceutical medications to natural supplements. We will take a closer look at the product to see what effect it might have on consumers.

Ingredients at a Glance
Vasomax is an oral Alpha adrenergic receptor blocker and contains Phentolamine mesylate as its main active ingredient. This drug is often used for reducing hypertension and sweating associated with certain diseases. We will look more closely below.

Ingredients in Focus
Phentolamine mesylate is the main active ingredient in a number of different brands of products, and as mentioned, is an alpha-receptor blocking agent. According to information we have found on the drug, it can produce and maintain “chemical sympathectomy” when taken orally.

The drug works by increasing blood flow to the skin, and allows the muscles to relax and the blood vessels to expand. According to the advertisement for Vasomax, this would make it suitable for helping men achieve erections, but it is not widely used for this purpose.

Side effects associated with use of this drug are cardiac arrhythmias, dizziness, weakness, flushing, nausea and diarrhea, which reports say men should be aware of before using this medication.

Use of Vasomax is intended for men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is generally thought that following a healthy lifestyle decreases risk for erectile dysfunction, though this condition is often onset from the simple fact of aging. Aside from getting older, complications are associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease; smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol can also impact sexual function.

For men wishing to find a product to assist with impotency and also allow them to engage in more pleasurable sex, herbal supplements are available that use extracts such as Yohimbe for increasing blood flow to the penis and aphrodisiacs for boosting the libido. These usually have few side effects and do not require a prescription.

• May help impotent men get an erection
• Generic versions are available for a cheaper price

• Many potential side effects associated with use
• Product is expensive
• Product is not herbal
• Prescription is required

Final Thoughts
As stated, this product is intended for assisting with erectile dysfunction. Men with symptoms of impotency may benefit from use of Vasomax under a doctor’s supervision.

For men experiencing impotency who are interested in natural options, oral supplements are available that contain herbal extracts. These products can generally help increase stamina, libido, testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis, resulting in increased sexual desire, stronger erections and a more satisfying sex life. There are generally fewer side effects associated with this approach, and use of products containing high quality herbs tends to help improve the condition over time. Men who wish to feel more confident and sexual every day may benefit from herbal supplements.

We suggest seeking products from companies that promise to use only the highest quality of herbs, and we especially like those that come with a money-back guarantee. This helps ensure that men will not be disappointed with the product, and that the company has nothing to hide.

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