Review Summary

Vaso-Prophin™ is advertised to assist people in increasing their sexual energy by relieving “erectile dysfunction.” At the time we put this review together, we found no consumer reactions or online testimonials to support its said effectiveness. We will discuss this later in the review.

Ingredients at a Glance
Vaso-Prophin™ contains many ingredients that may be highly effective at increasing sexual energy. These ingredients include: Arginine, which is said to increase sexual potency; Calcium, which is known for enhancing bone strength, and is found in milk and other dairy products; and Magnesium, which may keep blood pressure in check.

While these ingredients may be able to work effectively for those who wish to use them, we have some concerns with regard to some potential side effects that may result for some people who take them. We will examine these in the following section.

Ingredients in Focus
It is said that Magnesium may cause diarrhea for some people. However, even more disconcertingly, it is thought that Arginine may cause genital viruses for some people. This bothers us, because we believe that people should be able to purchase products like this without having to worry about potential side effects that may result from use.

At the time of this review, we do not see any consumer reactions or online testimonials to support Vaso-Prophin™’s said benefits. We live in a society that is largely obsessed with sex. Given this condition, we would think that a product of this nature would be able to amass much in the way of praise. Since we see none at this time, we have some doubts and suspicions as to whether it may actually work as effectively as advertised.

In our work, we examine many products that are manufactured and marketed with the intent of supporting people in enhancing their sex lives. From what we have seen, the most popular of them contain Ginseng, an ingredient that has received much media publicity and consumer hype for its known ability to increase sex drive. People may prefer to try one of these, as they may be better able to support people with their performance needs.

In addition, we see many products that come with money-back guarantees. We approve highly of this customer service practice, as it we believe it promotes trust between companies and consumers. We feel it also expresses the company’s confidence in their own products. We would steer our readers towards one of these for the exact reasons we note above.

• Contains Calcium
• Fairly low price

• No consumer reactions at time of review
• No Ginseng
• No money-back guarantees
• May have some unwanted side effects, particularly the Arginine

Final Thoughts
Vaso-Prophin™ is marketed to aid individuals in increasing their sex drive. And it may be able to do just that. However, we have some issues and concerns that we feel need to be addressed.

Our most troubling concern comes from the severe lack of consumer hype on Vaso-Prophin™ as of this review. In our largely sex-driven, sex-obsessed society, products like this have become the standard in performance enhancement. Given this condition, we would think that this product would be able to garner much in the way of praise. Since we see none at this time, we question it. The potential side effects do not enhance our confidence either.

Still, it may be able to work effectively for some people who wish to use it. However, there are several products on the market that contain Ginseng, come with money-back guarantees and do not carry the potential health risks we note above.

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