VIP Urut Batin

Review Summary

Your wife has been reading self-help books for the last few years. She started taking yoga and meditation classes. She learned about Reiki at the local college, and she has been dying to try some of her new skills out on her favorite man. You scoffed, but secretly thought it was cool that she could make sex into something cooler and more spiritual.

It’s your turn. She wants you to bring something new into the bedroom (and no, she doesn’t mean the cute girl from the local bar as you had secretly hoped.) Your eccentric boss has suggested in the past that you learn more about Asian massage. You thought that was only for lonely guys and perverts. Well, as it turns out, there is more to it than happy endings. You may become a virile, sensitive lover with special techniques quite common in the Far East. You may get a lot out of a program called VIP Urut Batin. Learn what it means, and what it may do to stimulate your partner and enhance your romantic relationship.

Techniques at a Glance
Urut Tenaga Batin – which means “inner energy massage” - is similar to other techniques, such as Manhood Therapy, Inner Energy Massage and Tantric Lingham Massage. You have certainly heard about how Sting can go for hours, and you may have learned that lingham is a sacred Sankrit word for the male member. Apparently, Urut Batin is a traditional Malay deep tissue massage technique that enables the body to circulate more blood to the penis, increasing the strength of erections and improving sexual stamina.

At VIP Urut Batin, they are said to have enhanced traditional treatment by devising certain techniques, components and products to make VIP Urut Batin therapy completely and comprehensively effective. The combination of six or more separate steps to each treatment is claimed to provide the best of both Eastern and Western therapy for enhancement and enlargement.

Techniques in Focus
There appears to be more than five (5) massage techniques, an herbal supplement, a penis pump and a lubricating oil available as part of the program. An individual may work one on one with an expert in Thai massage and other healing arts. She is said to guide you through the process, from warm up to denouement, all the way to cool down.

We find the site is useful, informative and practical. There is a lot to read through, and you may certainly learn or be reminded of some basic life choices and habits you may adopt to begin your new life as a sexual uberman.

• May be construed as very healthy and positive
• Touching and learning to be touched may make anyone a better lover

• Is this a sexual service?
• If you can’t get it up more often than not, like more than half the men in America over the age of 40, no amount of massages is likely going to help you, period

Final Thoughts
You’ve thought long and hard about your shortcomings. You love your wife and think it is important to have a healthy, passionate, loving sex life. You endeavor to please her in everything you do, and you like being the best. Just because you’re pushing 50 does not mean that the fire is extinguished. Light it off with more touching, caressing and tender moments. You may not need anything more than a subtle change in diet, a little consideration for her needs and desires and a good supplement for mature men.

You desire a remedy that will not only work quickly, but will become even more effective over time, essentially and steadily increasing your own ability to get hard, stay hard and go on about your business all night long. We suggest looking for a combination of great ingredients, like Damiana and Yohimbe, in a formula that will enhance prowess and energy from deep within. We think it is a good idea to try a product that comes with a 100 percent money-back offer, and to read all available customer reviews for any given supplement.

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