Review Summary

The fountain of youth has been found. Men of all ages have discovered how to reclaim the lost vigor of their youth, experience sophisticated pleasure and feel more confident as they age gracefully. The little blue pill revolutionized the quality of sex life for middle-aged men.

But, as with most prescription medications, we soon discovered a host of complications, side effects and interactions, which means the benefit may not outweigh the risk for all individuals. Renewed interest in herbs has been a boon to many Americans. This means that the wisdom of folk medicine and indigenous peoples is becoming available, offering an alternative to dangerous drugs. VIKONON is available without a prescription.

Ingredients at a Glance
VIKONON contains some of the following: Calcium Glycerophosphate, Calciferol, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Caffeine, Yohimbine Hydrochloride, Tocopheryl Succinate and Cyanocobalamin.

Ingredients in Focus
Yohimbe is the bark of an evergreen tree that grows along the coasts of west-central Africa. The indigenous people there have employed Yohimbe for myriad medical purposes, ranging from heart conditions to sleepiness. It is sometimes smoked to produce hallucinations, and believed to increase sexual desire and performance in men. It is now found as an integral component in many different kinds of herbal supplements.

Sexual health is a serious issue, and one that is no longer anathema to talk about. We may address it seriously, and no longer have to resort to sensational products that promise a lot, but say very little. We may find all the research we need online. We believe a supplement company should disclose all ingredients, and include any clinical evidence. We think it is also a good sign when you see sincere customer testimonials posted on the site. Look for a product you feel good about, and be proud of your vitality again.

• Yohimbe is an ingredient we recommend
• The warnings are clear and available

• Caffeine may cause harm to our health
• There are no positive reviews of this product at this time

Final Thoughts
Your sexual health is of the utmost importance to you. You are a strong, masculine man who goes after you want and gets it; you never back away from a challenge. You’ve been this way since college, when you were the star of the wrestling team, and you continue to be diligent, pro-active and determined in your career and family life. You have never let anything get in the way of your pleasure or success, and you certainly won’t allow erectile dysfunction to make you feel unsatisfactory as a lover and a husband. You are going to get angry, to fight, to get the medicine you need, so that you may be the powerful, virile being you were born to be. You demand a product that actually makes you more physically fit, a bigger, better lover, and a man who feels confident in his ability to please the ladies. You may achieve this with the right herbal formula.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have cultivated herbs that work for myriad health problems. We are in a great position to get the best of them. Botanicals from Africa, such as Yohimbe, combined with Chinese herbs and other natural medicines, are available in clinically proven formulas. This is key. Be sure that extensive research has been conducted by the appropriate experts. After choosing ingredients, you must decide on a specific product. We suggest looking to customer reviews whenever possible for the straight truth about how well a supplement works. That kind of support and sincerity is so important.

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