Review Summary

Topiglan is a new male sexual enhancement cream that features the ingredient, Alprostadin, which is currently administered only through injection. Topiglan, which, at the time of review, is not yet available to the public, is “simply rubbed on the tip of the penis in order to deliver the benefits of Alprostadin.” Alprostadin apparently works by “relaxing the smooth muscle within the penis, and this action allows blood to enter and become trapped in the penis.”

Certainly, for men who have been inserting needles into their penises in order to achieve an erection through Alprostadin, this new delivery method is likely to be highly favorable. However, it appears that the studies on this product were halted at one point due to concerns that its “absorption enhancer,” SEPA, may cause cancer. This information may make a needle seem preferable once again. In any case, this potentially promising cream is not yet available. We believe that there are currently some top-quality sexual enhancement products that provide strong erections without needles or side effects. We will review this emerging product for its potential ability to improve the quality and intensity of sex.

Ingredients at a Glance
Topiglan seems to feature Alprostadin, which, as previously stated, is currently administered either as an injection or a suppository. Topiglan’s cream formulation also appears to include SEPA, which is described as a “skin absorption agent used produce its erection promoting effects.” SEPA apparently enables the Alprostadin to be absorbed without an injection.

Ingredients in Focus
As previously stated, concerns have been raised about the potentially carcinogenic activity of SEPA. We are also concerned that this product appears to have been in existence since the late 1990s, but has yet to receive regulatory approval. This delay in clearing the usual regulatory channels leaves us wondering about the credibility of this product. It has also been stated that this product may cause “burning of the penis,” and subsequently, in partners, a “mild burning of the vagina.” We are not certain that these effects may be desirable in an attempt to make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Although this product may hold promise in terms of its ability to provide an injection-free erection, we wish it had the power to address other sexual factors. We believe that for many couples seeking sexual enhancement, the true goal is more exciting, more passionate and more satisfying sex. This usually requires mutual arousal, male sexual stamina and vigor and intense and pleasurable orgasms. This cream seems to function only in terms of achieving an erection. We believe that an erection is generally the “bare minimum” in terms of great sex. Generally, women who rave about great sex they have had do not focus solely on the fact that their partner had an erection. They usually focus on passion, excitement and sexual fulfillment.

• Product may eliminate the need for a needle
• May eventually become available to the public
• Seems to have “mild” side effects

• Absorption agent, SEPA, may be linked to cancer
• At time of review, product is not yet commercially available
• Seems to overlook many of the other aspects of sexual pleasure
• May cause “burning penis” and vagina for some

Final Thoughts
While it surely must be pleasing to some people to hear of an alternative to penis injections, we believe this option has been available all along. There is a wide variety of herbal sexual enhancement supplements available in capsule form.

We find the better of these formulations are not limited to providing erectile function; they also address arousal, stamina and orgasm. We have encountered excellent data regarding the performance of the herbal ingredients Yohimbe, Epimedium and Tribulus Terrestris.

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