Stiff Strip

Review Summary

Stiff Strip is a male enhancement product to be taken orally like any other breath mint strips. It looks very much like any standard mint strips. The astounding difference between such standard breath mints and Stiff Strip is that the latter is somehow supposed to assist men with erectile problems. It is claimed that “placed on your tongue for barely an instant, this strip ‘releases’ powerful anti-impotency agents.”

However, we remain skeptical that such strips may really deliver the required amount or concentration of ingredients to show any results. If it were so easy to do so, probably the big pharmaceuticals would have marketed most of their over-the-counter pills in similar forms. Therefore, we will take a closer look at the Stiff Strip concept and conclude whether it may really be an effective product with potential benefits as a male enhancement formula, or whether there may be better products on the market.

Ingredients at a Glance
Stiff Strip is claimed to have five of “the most powerful anti-impotency cocktail ever created.” Unfortunately, although the official website has pages of rhetoric about the supposed benefits of taking Stiff Strip, it does not fully explain in detail at this time how the active ingredient may really work. In fact, the website does not even spell out the ingredients. As of this review, we located two domains hosting the product exclusively; both have the same rhetoric, and we believe that both lack substantive content.

Ingredients in Focus
At the time of this review, neither the ingredients list nor any explanations as to how the Strip may actually work is available. The major issues that many men face may be due to inability to maintain an erection, and due to loss of youthful libido. Most of the time, such problems may arise not due to serious physical problems.

The Stiff Strip method seems to be quite appealing. Stiff Strip is said to be a trend-breaking libido-enhancing product. It is said to be very easy to use, and is claimed to be much more hassle-free than taking pills. At the face value, it is reasonable to be attracted by the idea that such mint strips-like “jelly” may yield maximum sexual potency. However, evidence backing the claims seems to be currently unavailable.

Alternative Products
We believe that male performance abilities may be instantly boosted by using a male enhancement formula in a capsule form. Among such formulas, the best of them may come with money-back guarantees and report immediate, as well as long-term results. While we like what Stiff Strip seeks to do, that is provide an avenue for those who may not like taking capsules or pills, we believe there may be better formulas out there. Such herbal extracts require dosage that breath mint strips may not provide.

• Is promoted through official and exclusive websites

• May not really do much to increase sexual performance
• May not have the right combination of proven ingredients
• We are not convinced ingredients may be properly supplied through strips
• Ingredients list, customer service hotlines unavailable as of writing

Final Thoughts
Stiff Strip may attract those averse to taking capsules and supplements. However, we believe that some products in a capsule form may naturally spice up a person’s stale sexual life by increasing sexual performance. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the Strip gets to work in as little as 5 minutes. We believe that it may be too incredulous to believe that a jelly strip placed on the tongue may really act so fast.

Therefore, a safe alternative to Stiff Strip may be trying an all-natural daily dietary supplement. Using a safe, yet effective male enhancement formula may really boost sexual performance. The best approach to increasing sexual performance may be to use a product that is proven to increase virility and sexual stimulation. Among the numerous male enhancement products on the market, those worth trying may be those with money-back guarantee offers.

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