Review Summary

Staminol is advertised to support people in increasing their sex drive. At the time we write this review, we are unable to find any consumer reactions or online testimonials to support its said effectiveness. We will discuss this void later in the piece.

Ingredients at a Glance
This product contains many ingredients that are designed to increase libido. These ingredients include: Arginine and Yohimbe, which are said to increase sexual potency; and Kola Nut, known for increasing energy. While these ingredients may be highly effective at stimulating the libido, we have some concerns with regard to potential side effects that may result from use. We will examine these in the following section.

Ingredients in Focus
Firstly, Kola Nut contains Caffeine, which many nutritionists and health experts implore people to avoid, as it is known to cause nervousness, irritability, anxiety and irregular sleeping patterns for some people who consume it on a frequent basis. However, the most disconcerting feature we find is that Arginine is said to potentially cause genital viruses for some people who use it. People buy products like these to improve their sex lives, not to risk potential damage to the organs that enable sex to occur in the first place.

At the time we put this review together, we were unable to find any consumer reactions or online testimonials to support advertised effectiveness. This bothers us, because we live in a society that is largely obsessed with sex. Given this condition, we would think that a product like this would be the recipient of much praise. Since we see none as of review, we question its said effectiveness.

From what we have seen, the most popular of these types of products contain Ginseng. Ginseng has received much in the way of praise for its known ability to assist people in raising their energy levels, as well as their sexual desires. We believe people may prefer to try one of these, as they may be better able to enhance their performance in the bedroom.

• Contains Yohimbe

• No consumer reactions at time of review
• No Ginseng
• Contains Caffeine
• No money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts
Staminol is marketed to assist people in increasing their sex drive. And it may be able to do just that. However, we have some concerns that we feel need to be addressed.

Our most troubling concern has to do with the fact that we could not see any consumer hype around this product. In our largely sex-driven, sex-obsessed society, products like this have become a standard in the enhancement of “performance.” Therefore, we feel we could reasonably expect a product like this to be able to garner much praise. Since there is none as of review, we question it.

Still, it may be able to work successfully for some people who wish to purchase and use it. However, there are many products on the market that contain Ginseng, have much consumer praise and do not carry the potential risks we note above.

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