Sexovit Forte

Review Summary

Impotence is a total bummer. You feel young, strong and as handsome as ever. You still enjoy a beautiful woman’s shape, and think about sex almost as often as you did as an adolescent. But lately, your libido is a little sluggish, and when it comes time to seal the deal, you can’t always get as rigid as you would like to be. You are starting to feel emasculated, and you wonder if your wife feels the same. You don’t want her to go looking elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. You are going to live a long time, and you desire vital, hot sex to be a part of your remaining years.

So what’s a guy to do? You would rather not rely on a prescription medication when there are great herbal formulas out there. You’re a pretty health conscious guy, and you would like something gentle and natural, but powerful as well. Let’s consider the interesting ingredients in the U.K. product called Sexovit Forte.

Ingredients at a Glance
The formula is made of some of the following ingredients: Selenium, Avena Sativa, Damiana, Agnus Castus and Calcium.

Ingredients in Focus
The tradition of using Agnus Castus to address problems associated with the menstrual cycle dates back over 2,500 years. Derived from the berries of the chaste tree, this useful phytomedicine has been one of the major remedies for gynecological problems in most cultures, and has been found in English gardens since the sixteenth century.

The leaves of the Damiana plant were originally used as medicine by the indigenous cultures of Central America, particularly those of Mexico. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency in men by the native peoples of Yucatan, including the Mayan Indians, for thousands of years. It is said to act as a sexual stimulant and produce a feeling of general well being. Damiana is sometimes used in men to address premature ejaculation, sexual sluggishness and prostate complaints.

Avena Sativa has been shown to have many health benefits, including libido enhancement, detoxification and energy boosting, among others. It has been used for centuries in teas, tinctures and herbal medicines, and has shown promise in easing a wide variety of health conditions. Oat Straw Herbal may also improve mental function, concentration, as well as sharpen focus. Another Oat Straw benefit is said to be with alcohol, cigarette and drug detoxification.

For those men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, who have low testosterone levels or who are experiencing a diminished interest is sex due to a medical condition or drugs they administer, you will likely prefer to look for a more significant solution. You wish for a remedy that will not only work quickly, but will become even more effective over time, essentially and steadily increasing your own ability to get hard, stay hard and go on about your business all night long.

• No artificial colors or preservatives
• Pretty inexpensive

• Disparate formula
• Does not contain Yohimbe

Final Thoughts
We believe this is likely not the best supplement for those men who would like to achieve a more vital sex life.

When you settle on the ingredients most appropriate for your needs, you next should concern yourself with the manufacturer and supplement retailer. We find extensive research and anecdotal evidence will be the best indicator of whether the product will suit you. We suggest reading customer testimonials and independent reviews of the product you like, and make a decision based on formula, customer service and design.

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