Review Summary

Serogen™ is promoted as a highly advanced product that is designed to combat the effects of male sexual dysfunction and increase performance. The Serogen™ concept is based on the idea that many prescription drugs may cause adverse side effects, and that natural prostate support is a better option. Prostate health is a very serious issue, so we need to take a close look at the potential effects of Serogen™.

Addressing the issue of sexual dysfunction may be a sensitive issue; however, we believe it is extremely important that people are informed about the ingredients contained in the products in which they invest.

Unfortunately, at the time of review, the Serogen™ manufacturer has failed to disclose, in full, the supplement’s ingredients. We know that Serogen™ includes Cernate, a proprietary blend designed for prostate health and sexual performance. Even the websites selling Serogen™ lack this important information at the time of this review. We believe it is extremely important that people are informed about the ingredients contained in the products they buy, so this lack of information is concerning to us.

Many products promote that they are designed for “prostate health”, but actually appear to be fairly standard sexual enhancement products. We believe individuals should keep in mind that many sexual enhancement products are marketed for quick sales rather than effective, long-term results.

The information offered about Serogen™ appears to be inconclusive at this time, and we are left uncertain about the potential effects of this product. Many men experiencing sexually related prostate problems have reported positive results from herbal ingredients like Yohimbe and Epimedium, which is reported to be one of the best combinations on the market.

At the time of review the Serogen™ website offers some information about this formula, including an FAQ, however, not enough information seems to be provided about the Serogen™ ingredients. We are left unconvinced that Serogen™ may be a safe, effective formula.

In addition, with a product like Serogen™, we always expect to see a 100% money-back guarantee. We believe this is a sign that a manufacturer is confident in its product. Unfortunately, at the time of review, we do not see this kind of promise for Serogen™, and it causes us to question its potential reliability.

• Designed to aid prostate and sexual health
• Competitive price at about $30 per month supply
• Alternative to prescription medicine
• Easy online ordering

• May not include Yohimbe Bark Extract
• Contains a rather unfamiliar proprietary blend
• May not include Epimedium
• No money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts
Men suffering from prostate related sexual dysfunction may be interested in researching Serogen™. Serogen™ is designed to offer a non-prescription alternative to sexual dysfunction. However, prostate health is a very serious issue, we feel individuals should approach this issue with extreme caution. Moreover, we find little evidence suggested that Serogen™ may be anything more than a mediocre sexual enhancement product.

Many people with sexual dysfunction report incredible results from products that contain Yohimbe Bark and Epimedium. These high quality ingredients are known to be highly effective, while also being safe for long-term use. Formulas containing these ingredients may be a safe alternative to Serogen™.

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