Rize 2

Review Summary

Rize 2 is advertised to serve as a “sexual enhancement” supplement. At the time we write this review, we find some positive consumer reactions to support the product’s effectiveness. However, these reactions total three. We will discuss this finding later in the review.

Ingredients at a Glance
This product contains many ingredients that may improve a person’s sex life. One such ingredient is Ginseng, which has received much publicity for its ability to serve as an energy booster, athletic performance enhancer and aphrodisiac. It also contains Arginine, which is said to contain “amino acids” and to increase “sexual potency,” as well as Gelatin, thought to be a powerful energy booster.

While these ingredients may work effectively at assisting people in achieving their desired sex drive, we have some concerns about some possible health risks that could result from use.

Ingredients in Focus
Firstly, these pills contain Magnesium, which may cause diarrhea for some. More importantly, Arginine is said to potentially cause genital viruses for some. This possibility bothers us, as we believe that people who invest money in a product like this should be able enhance their sex lives, not risk damage by potentially harming the body parts that perform those functions.

At the time we write this review, we only find three consumer reactions with regard to Rize 2. This small number bothers us, because we live in a society that is consumed with sex and how to maximize its pleasures, as we are bombarded by media images and messages that appear to croon the importance of good sex. Given this condition, we would think that a product like this would be met with all types of praise. Since we see none at this time, we have some severe doubts about the said effectiveness of this product.

From what we have seen of products of this nature, the most well-received come with money-back guarantees. Their manufacturers offer individuals the chance to request a refund within a limited period of time. People may prefer to try one of those, as they may be better able to provide financial flexibility.

Dosing Information
It is suggested, according to the company’s website, that the user take “one capsule” approximately 30 minutes before having sex. Many people do not plan that far ahead as to when they will become intimate. In fact, many do so spontaneously. For this reason, they may find the schedule to be limiting for their needs. If it becomes too difficult to manage, they may opt to try a product with a more flexible dosing regimen.

• Some positive consumer reactions at time of review
• Contains Ginseng and “amino acids”

• Reactions are currently small in number
• Somewhat difficult dosing method
• Arginine may cause genital viruses for some
• Does not contain Tribulus Terrestris, a natural testosterone enhancer

Final Thoughts
Rize 2 is designed to assist people in boosting their sexual voracity. And it may be able to do just that. However, we have some issues and concerns that we feel need to be addressed.

Our most troubling concern is the potentiality of one of the ingredients to cause genital viruses for some people who use it. We believe people who are trying to improve their sex lives should not have to concern themselves with potentially harming their sexual organs. The small amount of consumer feedback only adds to this worry.

Still, it may be able to do an effective job for some people who wish to use it. However, there are many products on the market that have a large amount of consumer reviews and testimonials, have a more flexible dosing regimen, do not carry the potential health risks we note above and have been awarded for their potent formulas.

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