Review Summary

Prostarin™ by Gateway Nutrition is said to be “Simply the most powerful time-release prostate supplement ever available.” The market nowadays seems to be oversaturated with mediocre male enhancement products that are claimed to be the best. It may be tough to weed out the bad ones and choose the one with proven results and dependable outcomes. We like the fact that Prostarin™ contains basic ingredients; however, we believe it may not have the right combination.

While Prostarin™ is welcome as yet another all-natural formula, we usually are wary of instantly believing in marketing literature. In fact, we usually employ a rigorous and skeptical analysis of a formula before taking it up. Therefore, we will take a closer look at the Prostarin™ ingredients and conclude whether it may really be an effective product with potential benefits as a male enhancement formula, or whether there may be better products on the market.

Ingredients at a Glance
Prostarin™ contains some of the following ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Garlic and Bee Pollen. While we like a formula with all-natural ingredients, we feel that many formulations may not have the right combination of proven aphrodisiacs, as seems to be the case with Prostarin™. It seems to be missing proven aphrodisiacs, like, for instance, Catuaba Bark Extract or Epimedium. The champion ingredient seems to be Saw Palmetto.

Ingredients in Focus
Saw Palmetto may be found in many mediocre supplements. Saw Palmetto Extract is nowadays widely purported to be an aphrodisiac, and claimed to be good for prostrate health. But we believe that for sustainable erection strength and long-term sexual enhancement, there may be better ingredients on the market. Many prostrate formulas on the market seem to have safe, filler ingredients that may not do much to improve sexual health. Prostarin™ may be such a formula. After all, Vitamins A and E and Zinc may be easily supplemented with vitamin capsules, while Garlic may be a really common culinary item.

As of this review, there seems to be no exclusive website for Prostarin™, although Gateway Nutrition has an official online presence. However, it only devotes one short page to Prostarin™, and only posts the supplement facts sheet as of this review. Therefore, it may be difficult to assess the product’s quality just merely by looking at the list of ingredients. We believe that a responsible manufacturer should have a strong and knowledgeable customer service program in place.

• Contains simple extracts
• Manufacturer has official online presence

• Prostarin™ does not contain Yohimbine or Catuaba
• No money-back guarantees as of this review
• May not really boost sexual performance that much
• Testimonials unavailable as of this review

Final Thoughts
The inclusion of safe natural and herbal extracts may be seen as quite an edge. Having said that, we must also mention that we believe a really good product will probably have proven ingredients that may be easily verified to be natural aphrodisiacs. Furthermore, we believe a really good formula will also have an exclusive online presence and excellent customer service, and probably will be backed by testimonials and real results.

One of the many issues that may stump someone seeking a male enhancement formula in a capsule form may be that there are literally hundreds of such products available. In light of this, a few tools of analysis may be used to gauge a product’s safety, efficiency and potency.

First, we believe the products containing all-natural and herbal ingredients may be better. Second, those with proven short-term and long-term results may be worth considering. Third, those with excellent customer service, backed by hotlines and exclusive online portals explaining the product, may be genuine. Finally, if a product is all of the above and comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, it may be ideal.

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