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Review Summary

The most effective natural hair loss treatment for men now available is Profollica. With this natural hair growth system, it is possible to experience thicker, healthier hair again. Profollica is a science-backed system that has been proven to work. In the past, there have been ineffective hair loss shampoos that do nothing to address the actual causes of balding. Profollica will not disappoint like the many other male hair loss treatment systems on the market. This is because Profollica, unlike other formulas, addresses a genetic sensitivity to a particular hormone that is the cause to the majority of hair loss cases in men. Medical science has proven that men now have hope and an effective attack method to ward off male pattern baldness.

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Scientific research done over the past 15 years has shown that lower DHT levels reduce hair loss in men. DHT is a form of testosterone scientifically known as dihydrotestosterone. In fact, most men begin to bald due to a genetic sensitivity to DHT. To men with this genetic sensitivity, DHT will begin a process known as follicle miniaturization, which causes the hair follicles to shrink until they die. This process is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. The hair will become brittle, thinner and then fall out completely.

However, the Profollica system has actually been shown to slow, stop and reverse the male pattern baldness process. The ingredients contained within this system can stop hair follicle miniaturization by interrupting enzymes that form to create the unwanted DHT.

Profollica uses a dual-product system to deliver these results. There is a daily supplement and an activator gel. This advanced system is more complete than any other male natural hair loss treatment system now available. By disabling DHT, the daily supplement and activator gel can then work to awaken the hair follicles again so they once again become active and enter a growth cycle. The gel is equipped with a powerful DHT-blocker called Trichogen. This clinically proven ingredient has been shown to visibly improve hair growth in up to 90% of men. This ingredient will work by not only blocking the formation of DHT, but by promoting a healthy growth phase in each hair follicle.

Profollica Is Different
With continued daily use of Profollica, it is reported to deliver significant results in just 60 days. The system will work to promote the growth of healthy new hair and to stimulate blood circulation and nutrient availability to the hair follicles. Scalp oiliness and sebum production will also be regulated by this system, and hair elasticity, quality and texture can even be increased. The daily supplement delivers vitamins to the body that are known to prevent hair loss and which can even help to prevent premature greying and restore hair color and vibrancy. In fact, this daily supplement can improve overall hair sheen and is even reported to provide relief from a dry, itchy scalp.

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The official Profollica website features a video of Dr. Dave David, a MD and Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. David, as interviewed on MSNBC and Fox News, wholeheartedly recommends this hair loss treatment system. Dr. David goes on to say it is a great option for any man who wants to overcome hair loss. The Profollica website is highly informative and right now offers a six-month package of Profollica, which reduces the cost of the system to less than $50 per month. Best of all with Profollica, the results are 100% guaranteed.

• Profollica is the only hair loss treatment system that addresses the genetic sensitivities causing hair loss
• Endorsed by members of the medical community
• Can actually slow down or even reverse hair loss
• Works from the inside out to control DHT production
• Contained ingredient Trichogen has been shown to improve hair growth in 90% of users
• Profollica does not require a prescription

• Money-back guarantee is only available through the product website. Click the link below to order
• Likewise, savings and discounts are only available on the Profollica website

Final Thoughts
With Profollica men do not have to rely on prescription drugs to impede DHT levels. Studies show that 18% of men who use prescription drugs, to treat hair loss, can suffer from long-term sexual performance side effects. For many men, it isn’t worth the risk. Now, with Profollica, there is finally a potent, effective natural hair loss treatment method that has been clinically proven to work. You can reduce hair loss, increase hair growth with this doctor-approved formula. Currently, orders of Profollica come with a money-back guarantee. This guarantee not only ensures satisfaction, but also indicates that this dual-product system is equipped to deliver real results.

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