ProMagnum XL

Review Summary

ProMagnum is a pill that is advertised to increase men’s sex drive by enlarging their penises. At the time of our review, we find some positive testimonials to support the effectiveness of the pills. However, the number of these testimonials is small. We will discuss this scarcity later in the piece.

Ingredients at a Glance
These pills contain several ingredients. They contain Ginseng, which is said to be an energy booster, athletic performance enhancer and aphrodisiac; Cayenne, which is known for promoting good digestion and appetite suppression; and Gingko Biloba, which is said to increase energy. In addition, it contains many basic ingredients.

While these ingredients may be effective, we have found no scientific evidence whatsoever that any of them may contribute to penis enlargement. In addition, it is reported that Cayenne may increase a person’s chances of stomach cancer, while Gingko Biloba has been said to potentially cause hemorrhaging, headaches, nausea and vomiting for some people. This bothers us, as we believe that people should be able to purchase these products and expect them to work, without having to worry about possible side effects that may result.

There are many products on the market that contain such simple ingredients that may be able to increase a person’s sex drive in other, more realistic ways, such as stimulating the hormones of the opposite gender.

On the website, we see some positive testimonials with regard to ProMagnum. However, when we reviewed it, there were only six. Such a small number disconcerts us, because in our sex-obsessed society, many men are concerned with the size of their penises, and wish for it to be larger, so that they may satisfy their partners more aptly. Therefore, we would think that a product designed to aid men in achieving this goal would receive a substantial amount of praise. The fact that there is such a small amount raises further doubts and suspicions in our minds as to whether it may actually work.

From what we have found, the most popular of these products are those that have won several awards for sexual enhancement. The organizations that present these awards have thousands of products from which to choose. Therefore, if they choose one out of many, we would think that the product that wins has “something to brag about.” Many people have tended to follow that track, and have great things to say about them as well. We would steer our readers towards one of those, as they may be better able to serve their desires for a better sex life.

• Received some positive testimonials at time of review

• Testimonials are small in number at this time
• Has the potential for unwanted side effects
• No scientific merit behind penis enlargement

Final Thoughts
ProMagnum is marketed to increase a person’s penis size in hopes of promoting a better sex life. And it may be able to do just that. However, we have some concerns and issues that we feel need to be addressed.

Firstly, the side effects that may result from the product bother us, in combination that none of the ingredients have been reported to increase a man’s penis size in the least. When people invest money in a product, we believe that they should receive some type of benefit, without having to compromise their health. The fact that there is such a small amount of feedback bothers us further.

Still, it may be able to work effectively for some people who wish to use it. However, there are several products on the market that contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to increase a person’s libido, and without the possible side effects we mention here.

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