ProExtender – Penis Enlargement Miracle

Review Summary

ProExtender is an industry leader in the field of enlargement and can provide a rapid increase in the length and girth of the penis. Described as a “medical miracle,” this device is now available directly to consumers, and is the perfect solution for men who wish to increase penis length and girth, or for those who have a crooked penis that they would like to straighten out. The ProExtender™ System is prescribed by Urologist and Plastic Surgeons in over 26 countries around the world and is allowing many men to get results without the need for surgery.

We found that the Web site posts an extensive amount of research studies and endorsements on the benefits of the device, and also posts an instructional video explaining how to use the ProExtender™. As an added benefit, the site is filled with real life testimonies from men who have used the device and noticed a significant change in penis size. Some people might be skeptical about the merits of wearing a device like the ProExtender™, but there is clearly an abundance of evidence to prove that this device really works. We will take a closer look at this device below to see exactly how men can benefit from using it.

How The ProExtender™ Traction Device Works
The ProExtender™ is essentially a traction device, similar to others on the market, yet obviously more effective than others since it has been doctor-approved, and is, in fact, prescribed to many patients around the world. The ProExtender™ provides gentle and painless traction to the penis in order to assist the human body’s “natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.” It has been shown that if a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant gentle stretch, the cells will begin to divide and multiply and will therefore increase tissue mass.

We found that use of this device can work to increase both length and girth. Right now there are a number of positive testimonials from men who have seen big gains.

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The ProExtender™ System in Focus
The ProExtender™ System is a multi-faceted approach to “building a better penis,” as the website states, and it comes with four separate components to help enhance the length and girth of the penis. We have found this system to be remarkable, and is clearly more effective than others on the market.

The first ProExtender™ System component is the penis enlargement device. This is the component that will gradually expand the tissues of the penis to make it larger and longer. The second component is the VisagRelax™ penis enhancement pills, a formula consisting of natural extracts to increase sexual vigor, stamina, pleasure and performance. Men who purchase the ProExtender™ System will receive a 30-day supply of these pills.

The third component offered with ProExtender™ is Semenax™ Volume Increaser Pills. These capsules can help increase the volume of semen ejaculated by as much as 500%, and will also create a corresponding increase in pleasure during orgasm. Finally, the fourth part of the ProExtender™ System is The For Men Only™ – Penis Enlargement Exercise CD. Using this CD can help men improve penis size and overall sexual health, helping to pave the way for a more satisfying sex life.

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ProExtender Research & Development
Men may have some doubts about how effective using a penis-extending device will be, and with good reason. A lot of imitations exist on the market, and some products are manufactured using cheap materials. With ProExtender™ there is no need to worry; it’s the original.

The product was developed by a penile surgeon named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana of Denmark in 1994, a man who has spent years conducting clinical tests and who has received extensive backing from the medical community. The ProExtender™ system is recommended by physicians in 29 countries around the world, and is used in 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain. The official website posts the research results, which shows an average increase of 1.9mm per week.

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• Medical research posted on Official Website
• Many positive testimonials posted
• Free newsletter available to those seeking “insider sex tips”
• System comes with four different components
• Product comes with a money-back guarantee

• Graphic before and after photos on the website, some men may not feel comfortable viewing all of the testimonials
• Exact exercise techniques are not described in detail

Final Thoughts
Men all over the world are worried about penis size and how theirs compares to other men. Use of a traction device like the ProExtender™ may be of interest to men who are looking for an alternative approach to increasing penis length and girth, and one that is backed by medical research. We appreciate that purchase of the product comes with additional instructions, information and helpful items, and that it can provide permanent results for men.

We have seen a lot of products that are designed similarly to the ProExtender™, and we have to admit, this product is clearly more effective than its imitators. Not only was the device designed by a penile surgeon, it is backed by an extensive amount of clinical research and is endorsed and prescribed by medical doctors all over the world. Combining the device with herbal enhancers and regular exercises can significantly improve sexual performance as well as penis size. We feel that both men and women will benefit from the increased length and strength of erections.

Currently, men have numerous options when it comes to improving sexual health and function, but not many products compare to this one. This is a method that can truly make a difference in the sex lives of men who use it.

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