Penis Pump

Review Summary

A Penis Pump is a device marketed towards men who desire a larger penis size without taking a pharmaceutical drug or going for surgical procedures. These products have been recognized for many years as a novelty item, with varying reports on its effectiveness – or lack thereof. Most of the reports appear to be based on anecdotal evidence.

There are many products on the market advertised as effective sexual enhancement options, but we believe a good number of these may not live up to expectations. We credit the mass of unscrupulous companies out there trying to mislead consumers. We will review this product closely to determine if it may be a sensible option for sexual enhancement.

Operating under the premise that increased blood flow to the genital area may be required to produce and maintain quality erections, manufacturers of these types of products claim they draw blood into the vessels in the penis and essentially act as a suction mechanism to keep the blood in place. Theoretically, this may sound like it just may work.

However, it may not be accepted as a long-term solution for people suffering from erectile problems or looking for a reliable way to enhance their sexual experience. While some reports claim that a penis pump may temporarily enhance girth to some degree, it is said to have virtually no benefit for length. And the effects may fade away quicker than one may like.

The basic design of Penis Pumps takes on the shape of a cylinder, often clear, with a tube attached (for the pumping mechanism). The device is meant to be placed over the penis snugly, upon which pumping of air out of the enclosure is meant to create a sort of vacuum. When the device is removed, the penis may retain its “enlarged” state for a short time.

There are many different designs and types of penis pumps currently on the market; some are meant to be entirely functional, while others appear to be designed for use mostly as a novelty item. Standard pumps may require the user to pump the air manually, but battery-powered versions may also be available for those who demand automation.

We are concerned about the effects excessive and improper use of Penis Pumps may have on the long-term sexual health of men who choose to use them. While a few pumps on occasion may not have long-term consequences, people who become dependent on the activity may damage blood vessels in and around the genital area, at times permanently.

Since the main function of the device is to engorge the vessels in the penis with blood, individuals may easily imagine what over-pumping is capable of doing: the blood vessels may rupture, blisters may form and it may become difficult to achieve an erection at all for varying lengths of time. Unfortunately, such damage may be irreversible in some cases.

• There may be a variety of penis pumps on the market
• Some people use it as a novelty item

• May cause some pain and even permanently damage the penis
• Is not recognized as a long-term answer for sexual enhancement
• May not be as effective in supporting sexual function as supplements
• Money-back guarantees may not be available (for obvious reasons)

Final Thoughts
A Penis Pump may appeal to some men who are curious and would like to see what it is all about firsthand, but we believe there may be more sensible options on the market for sexual enhancement. For instance, many people have had positive experiences with sexual stimulants based on herbal extracts and natural ingredients.

Many of the higher-end sexual enhancement formulas currently on the market may include some of the following ingredients: Yohimbe Bark Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, Panax Ginseng, Damiana, Muira Puama and Catuaba Bark Extract. These extracts are said to support sexual performance by boosting sex drive, stamina and supporting higher-quality erections.

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