Review Summary

Penigra is a Polish sexual enhancement formula in a capsule form. Although the ingredients contained in the formula may be known, there may not be enough information about the product online at this time. The product is said to have been manufactured in Poland, as mentioned above. As such, it does not seem to be available in the U.S., and is marketed through websites that may not be available in English.

It is claimed that Penigra enhances penile circulation and boosts sexual potency. There are numerous products on the market that claim to increase virility and overall sexual abilities; therefore, such claims may not really be useful in choosing a product. We will take a closer look at the Penigra claims, and conclude whether this may really be an effective product with potential benefits as a male enhancement formula, or whether there may be better products on the market.

Ingredients at a Glance
Since we could not find any English language-based website featuring the product, it may be difficult to access the complete list of ingredients. However, the formula seems to contain at least some of the following ingredients: Guarana, Muira Puama, Schisandra and Saw Palmetto. However, the formula seems to be starkly missing proven testosterone boosters, like Catuaba Bark Extract and Epimedium.

Ingredients in Focus
We like the inclusion of Muira Puama, which is a shrub native to Brazil. It may effectively support and stimulate the nervous system. Reports and results seem to suggest that it may effectively increase libido and sexual potency. On the other hand, Guarana Extract may be thought of as a derivative of Caffeine. As such, the stimulant may energize and boost metabolism in the short run. However, it may cause adverse effects for some people, like nausea and jitteriness, if taken in large quantities.

Meanwhile, Saw Palmetto Extract is nowadays widely purported to be an aphrodisiac, and claimed to be good for prostrate health. But, we believe that for sustainable erection strength and long-term sexual enhancement, there may be better ingredients on the market. Nowadays, time-tested aphrodisiacs, like Yohimbine and Epimedium, seem to be gaining much consumer confidence.

Many male enhancement formulas on the market nowadays may not have an official and exclusive online presence. Most may be advertised and sold through third-party and independent retailers. Therefore, it sometimes may be difficult to assess a product’s quality just merely by looking at the list of ingredients. As of this review, the Penigra website is only available in Polish. Furthermore, only Polish language-based third party retailers seem to carry the product.

• Contains Muira Puama and other simple extracts

• Official website and information not available in English language at this time
• May not really do much to increase sexual performance
• Lacks well known libido enhancers, like Epimedium and Catuaba
• May not be available for people in the U.S.
• May not target long-term sexual enhancement

Final Thoughts
The inclusion of Muira Puama may be seen as quite an edge over most of Penigra competitors. However, any perceived benefit from the formula may be negated by the fact that safety standards and detailed information about the product may not be available to individuals who do not know the Polish language. We are only confident in those manufacturers with a U.S. presence, whereby the legitimacy of the manufacturing company is established.

We find the best male enhancement formulas will probably have an unconditional money-back guarantee offer. Using a safe, yet effective sexual enhancement product may greatly improve a person’s overall lifestyle by the virtue of improving their sex life. A great way to find out if a product may be suitable is probably to look at user testimonials and customer service commitments of a company. However, the best products will probably have a right combination of proven ingredients. Nowadays, for instance, Epimedium seems to be gaining much consumer confidence a powerful, yet safe aphrodisiac.

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