Review Summary

NaturalUP is a dietary supplement that is advertised as a male sexual aid. The maker of this product claims that it is the “natural” version of the popular Viagra. This may attract some people who feel the need to try Viagra, but do not wish to deal with its high costs, or gaining a prescription. However, we feel that a closer look at NaturalUP’s formula is necessary in order to validate its advertised benefits.

There are many male enhancement products on the market. Some utilize potent and effective ingredients which adequately improve stamina and enhance sexual performance, while many merely offer a placebo effect at best. We feel individuals must become educated about supplements before purchasing and ingesting, as male sexual issues are a serious concern. This is why we will thoroughly study this supplement to determine if it is likely to produce the advertised benefits.

Ingredients at a Glance
Currently, the contained ingredients within NaturalUP’s formula are not listed.

Ingredients in Focus
While the actual formulation of this product is undisclosed, the website states that the ingredients are “100% natural” and not derived from herbs. Unfortunately, we feel this does not provide enough information for a person to determine if this product may be safe and effective. Due to possible health and allergic reactions, we never suggest the ingestion of a supplement without knowing the included ingredients.

We find trusted manufacturers are eager to list their contained ingredients to demonstrate how their product may achieve sexual enhancement. Male sexual performance is a serious issue, and we believe those who seek out further aid deserve to make fully knowledgeable purchases.

There are other ingredients on the market that are said to enhance the quality of a man’s erection. An herb named Yohimbe may generate more blood flow to the penis. Sufficient circulation is necessary to improve sexual performance, since it may strengthen and firm erections. This herb has also been shown to stimulate sexual arousal.

We consider this supplement to be incredibly expensive. It is available for sale on the product website, but just a mere five capsules costs right under $50. We find this to be a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a product that does not even list its contained ingredients online for consumer review. This is nearly as expensive as many generic versions of Viagra, but at least consumers know what they are purchasing when they buy the medication.

Oftentimes, people turn to herbal supplements, since they are more affordable and usually much milder than prescription drug choices. We wish to note that while NaturalUP may sell for a very high amount, there are many other choices on the market offered at affordable prices. We suggest finding a product that comes with a money-back guarantee, which demonstrates a company’s trust in their product’s abilities.

• Said to contain simple ingredients
• Product website posted
• Discounts offered when buying in bulk

• Ingredients are not disclosed at this time
• Product does not post testimonials as of review
• At this time, no cited research
• May not contain Yohimbe
• Rather expensive

Final Thoughts
In the end, we feel it is not wise to ingest a product that does not provide the entire formula. We believe it is important that people are knowledgeable about what they are ingesting to successfully address sexual issues, as well as to avoid possible health risks. This supplement is advertised to act as the natural Viagra, but without reviewing a published formula, we find it is not possible to verify these claims.

Again, this product is rather expensive, and there are many more affordable options on the market. Those who are interested in the advertised benefits that NaturalUP allegedly offers, we propose the use of a product containing the herb, Yohimbe. This supplement has been shown to increase blood flow throughout the genitals, which may create sustained and firmer erections. Men who wish to improve sexual performance may profit from such a product.

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