Review Summary

Maxhim™ is an online retailer of “Intimate Essentials for Men,” or male sexual enhancement products. Among the products available for purchase are penis enhancement devices, capsule-based sexual stimulants, aphrodisiacs, sex guides, DVDs, adult sex toys and more. The company appears to be based overseas in England.

There may be many similar web-based stores today, and many of these retailers may claim that their products and services are superior to those offered by competing retailers. However, people may find that many of these products are more alike than not. We will get a closer look at this website to determine if the products may be as effective as advertised.

Products at a Glance
The website indicates that the following departments are available at time of review: Male Chastity Devices, Penis Enlargement, Erection Enhancement, Prostate Massage, Aphrodisiacs, Sex Enhancers, Sex Guides, Personal Care, Personal Grooming, Pheromones, Sex Toys for Men, DVD Sex Guides, Health and Well-Being and Accessories.

In addition to the selection of products, individuals may also read a variety of articles and sign up for newsletters. Among the different articles in the database at time of review are the following titles: “Avoiding Early Ejaculation during Sex,” “Ball Stretching,” “Enlarging Your Penis,” “Guide to a Healthy Prostate,” “Have Confidence in Yourself” and “Male Fertility.”

Products in Focus
The penis enhancement pills include some of the following items: VisagRelax - Penis Pills, V-RX - Penis Pills, Rise and Shine - Penis Pills, Mr. Big, Venicon for Men, Max Size and Penis XL. These products range in price from about $15 per bottle to about $75, and most of the bottles may last for 30 days, according to information retrieved from the product descriptions.

Erect Pills, which are labeled as a best seller, are advertised as supporting sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the genitals, enhancing sexual desire and boosting sperm count. These effects may be advertised by many other products currently on the market. Unfortunately, a list of ingredients is not posted on the website at time of review.

We believe quality products should fit into our lifestyles without disrupting our daily routines; that is, we believe individuals should not have to put up with adverse side effects to take advantage of sexual enhancement formulas. Unfortunately, some products are known to contain harmful ingredients with a broad range of side effects for some.

We are disappointed to find that many of the supplements marketed by this online retailer do not seem to have a list of ingredients. This troubles us because of the risk of harmful ingredients, but also because it may be difficult to evaluate a product’s potential without knowing the formula. We hope this omission is addressed sometime in the near future.

• There are many different items to choose from
• Customer service contact information is posted on the website

• All the prices may be listed in British pounds
• The “penis enlargement” products may not be so effective
• None of the supplements may contain Yohimbe or Tribulus Terrestris
• The formulas may not be as fast-acting as others on the market

Final Thoughts
Maxhim™ may market a large number of sexual enhancement products, but we are not convinced that this retailer’s products are superior to those offered by other, similar web-based stores. We especially feel that the retailer’s capsule-based sexual stimulants could use some improvement, as there may be many more potent herbal extracts to draw from.

We note that some of the higher-end formulas on the market contain some of the following ingredients: Yohimbe Bark Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana, Muira Puama, Catuaba, Panax Ginseng and Epimedium. These ingredients are said to combine to enhance libido, boost stamina levels and support a stronger, fuller and longer-lasting erection.

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