Review Summary

IntiMax™ is a sexual enhancement supplemented marketed and promoted by a company known as MiraClear. This product is said to generate firm, hard erections for people who are having trouble achieving satisfactory erections. It is also said to work as an aphrodisiac and libido increaser.

There are many male sexual aids on the market, and it may be hard for individuals to discern the quality supplements from the ploys and scams. Since not all supplements may perform as advertised, we always suggest researching a product before purchase, which is why we will take a closer look at IntiMax™ and its purported benefits.

Ingredients at a Glance
Currently, the contained ingredients within IntiMax™’s formula are not listed.

Ingredients in Focus
While the actual formulation of this product is undisclosed, the website states that the ingredients are “100% natural and completely safe.” Unfortunately, this does not provide enough information for a person to determine if this product may be safe and effective. Due to possible health and allergic reactions, we never recommend the ingestion of a supplement without knowing the included ingredients. We find trusted manufacturers are eager to list their contained ingredients to demonstrate how their product may achieve sexual enhancement. Male sexual performance is a serious issue, and we believe those who seek out further aid deserve to make fully knowledgeable purchases.

We believe that herbal supplements are able to aid sexual performance. There are supplements that boost testosterone levels, which may enhance sexual stamina. Also, products that contain an herb that stimulates blood flow throughout the genitals may improve sexual dysfunction issues. The combination of both type of ingredients may enhance overall male sexual fitness.

Lifestyle Benefits
This product does not come in capsules, but is available in strips. According to the official website, Individuals are meant to place a strip directly on their tongue 45 minutes to an hour before intimate activity. The manufacturer claims that these strips will “absorb directly into your vascular system, providing you with the spontaneous, fast acting results that you desire.” However, we wonder how effective an oral strip may be in comparison to capsules, which we consider to be a more efficient delivery system. Oftentimes, capsule-based supplements are said to be the most successful in effectively transporting the ingredients into the body for maximum absorption.

The manufacturer of this supplement has posted a product website which is accessible to those who are interested. Unfortunately, we find this website is rather low in function, and many of the links on the site do not work at this time. Though, there are some posted testimonials that people may review.

• Product website posted
• Testimonials displayed online
• Said to contain basic ingredients
• Free month supply offered

• Ingredient list is not displayed online at time
• Not available in capsules
• Price is not disclosed as of review
• No money-back guarantee offered
• At this time, website links do not work
• Only a few testimonials posted online at time of review

Final Thoughts
IntiMax™ is advertised to be a basic supplement, yet the ingredients are not listed at this time, making it nearly impossible to determine the quality and type of supplements contained. As mentioned before, we do not suggest people ingest a product before knowing what ingredients they are adding to their body. Also, this product claims to enhance a man’s erection, but fails to cite the research and science behind these claims.

Those who are interested in the advertised benefits that IntiMax™ allegedly offers, we propose the use of a product containing the herb, Yohimbe. This supplement has been shown to increase blood flow throughout the genitals, which may create sustained and firmer erections. Men who wish to improve sexual performance may profit from such a product.

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