GEE™ Go Enhancer

Review Summary

With the huge surge in herbal supplement products, and with the immense popularity that some supplements have enjoyed, it is but natural to expect fringe businesses and retail stores to cash in on the trend. Among such businesses may be those of sex toys makers, porn video makers and self-proclaimed guide book authors, reviewers and journal writers that try to provide information about the products. It may be tough to navigate through the numerous herbal ingredients that are available.

Meanwhile, the male sex toy industry also seems to be booming nowadays. GEE™ Go Erection Enhancer, by Topco, is a sex toy for men. We believe that instead of resorting to such toys, men may be better off trying male enhancement formulas in a capsule form. While we do not disavow the possibility of using such toys in order to spice up a person’s sex life, we believe more in long-term solutions, rather than immediate and potentially harmful quick fixes. In this review, we will look at some key things about male sexual enhancement.

Product at a Glance
GEE™ Go Erection Enhancer is actually not for masturbation; it is, in fact, to be used during intercourse. As such, those who prefer masturbation to having sex with a partner may not like the product. It is reusable, made of silicone and is supposed to be fitted onto the penis to make it look bigger and longer. However, it should be noted that using sex toys just in order to avoid sexual performance problems may be potentially devastating to an individual’s relationship. Furthermore, some people may also develop a strong case of inferiority complex after regularly using such toys.

Male Sexual Dysfunction
Due to many stressful factors, we may not be enjoying sex as much as we are capable of enjoying it. Most times, we may be too bogged down with work related stress to really unwind and have fun. At times, many of us may even be finding it hard to have and keep a hard, libido-filled erection. While Erectile Dysfunction may have numerous causes, including old age, injury and hormonal imbalances, we believe that most of our sexual problems may be effectively addressed with the assistance of some proven and powerful aphrodisiacs.

Alternative Products
The major issues that men face may be due to inability to maintain erection and decreased sexual performance. Most times, such problems may arise not due to serious physical problems. In fact, we believe that such problems may be instantly corrected by using a male enhancement formula in a capsule form. Among such formulas, the best of them may come with money-back guarantees, and report immediate, as well as long-term results. Nowadays, ingredients like Yohimbine, Catuaba Bark Extract, Epimedium and so on seem to be gaining much consumer confidence as effective testosterone boosters.

• Unfortunately, none

• Has nothing to do with men’s performance problems
• May create potentially disturbing inferiority complex
• Does not get to the roots of male sexual dysfunction
• May not be an efficient way to increase libido

Final Thoughts
It is certainly welcome that alternative avenues to increasing sexual satisfaction are explored. However, GEE™ Go Erection Enhancer may not be desirable as a means to avoiding confrontation of performance problems, which are only natural and happen to the majority of men above certain age. We recommend trying an herbal supplement from a discrete online vendor; we are certain such a trial may change a man’s life for the better.

Certain lifestyle factors may affect an individual’s sexual performance. Among them may be decreased sexual stimulation and increased fatigue. In such cases, the best approach to increasing sexual performance may be to use a product that increases virility and sexual stimulation, which will probably have ingredients like those mentioned above. We believe the best products will therefore come in a capsule form that gets to work directly, and have been recognized by numerous industry awards.

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