Review Summary

ErectoMAX is promoted as a cutting-edge product that may revitalize erections. ErectoMAX is not a supplement, but rather an exercise machine designed for pelvic exercise. According to the ErectoMAX promotion, this product may assist individuals in achieving a larger penis and stiffer erections without the use of pills or penis pumps. As with all products of this kind, we need to take a very close look at this item to determine whether it presents a viable option for individuals.

There are many products like ErectoMAX on the market. It is important for people to keep in mind that many sexual enhancement products and formulas prey on insecurities, and are designed for impulse purchases. While there are quality items on the market that really work, we need to take a very close look at ErectoMAX to see how it may measure up.

ErectoMAX is a pelvic exercise device that is designed for isometric resistance in the pelvic region. Dr. Stanway, whose credentials remain unclear, developed the ErectoMAX. When people purchase the ErectoMAX, they also receive a guide to a number of other pelvic exercises intended to augment the effects of the ErectoMAX.

The product’s promotion claims that this device not only assists in achieving stronger and firmer erections, but that it may also increase the intensity of climaxes and enhances sexual performance. The ErectoMAX advertisements claim that with this item, people may “throw out” the Viagra.

However, we are able to uncover very little information about this ErectoMAX, and there appears to be no accessible clinical information to support this product’s potential benefits. Typically, with a new and unusual product like ErectoMAX, we expect to find some substantial clinical evidence, and at the time of review, there appears to be none supporting ErectoMAX.

We find the ErectoMAX website to be professionally designed and offers some consumer testimonies. However, the official website is full of grandiose statements rather than useful information, and we never get a clear sense of how ErectoMAX works on a physiological level.

Moreover, when searching for a product of this kind, we believe it is very important for people to seek items that have a money-back guarantee. This is because these kinds of products are often ineffective or cause side effects. At the time of review, ErectoMAX does not appear to have an adequate return policy.

• Unique exercise device
• Website includes user testimonials
• Website includes 800 number
• Easy online ordering

• Doesn’t include Yohimbe Bark
• No money-back guarantee
• No clinical support at this time
• Potentially ineffective

Final Thoughts
There are hundreds of products like ErectoMAX on the market. However, few of them are backed by any kind for relevant clinical information. At this time, we know that there are actually very few high quality options for sexual enhancement. Many reports suggest that herbal ingredients, like Yohimbe Bark and Epimedium, when combined, provide some effective and safe results that are the best a non-prescription formula may offer.

In closing, ErectoMAX seems to be an invalidated product isn’t likely to produce any significant results. Those looking for a highly effective, yet safe sexual enhancement formula will likely wish to keep an eye out for ingredients like Yohimbe Bark and Epimedium. These herbal ingredients are known to be extremely effective and to promote long-term results. We find formulas containing these ingredients are a great way to increase sexual performance. However, we feel it is always a good idea to look for items with money-back guarantee.

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