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Review Summary

CleanseRX® is such a superior colon cleanse system that it really stands far apart from any other product of its kind we have reviewed. What we really like about CleanseRX® is that it is not just a cheap product filled with fiber that simply makes you go to bathroom. Rather, this is a two-part system that cleans out undigested waste that is built up in your colon and then focuses on improving your digestion on a permanent level to enhance your overall life. The first phase of CleanseRX® lasts one month and will cleanse your system of unprocessed waste. Phase 2 contains the perfect balance of Digestive Enzymes, Amino Acids and Probiotics to help you digest the foods you eat much faster and more efficiently on a regular basis.

Most people take Phase 2 indefinitely because it improves their life so drastically. Imagine how much more energy you would have if you always digested your food faster. With CleanseRX®, people can literally digest their food faster than they used to. Unless you eat a perfect diet and stay away from fast food, processed foods, chemicals and unhealthy fats, you will benefit from a good colon cleanse. CleanseRX® can help do away with food allergies, digestive problems, bloating, stomach irritability, mood swings, frequent colds, chronic gas and recurring headaches. If you are going to take this seriously, you should take a product that works and will help you stay healthier long-term. CleanseRX® is a scientifically formulated colon cleanse system that produces results and improves people’s lives. We really like this system and find it to be the best overall colon cleanse product available.

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Ingredients In Phase 1 & 2:
Our diets consist of foods that our bodies are not capable of digesting completely. The result is weight gain, less energy, indigestion, heartburn, gas and even more potentially dangerous conditions like colon cancer. Almost everyone has undigested waste in their colon, which affects our health immediately and long-term. The more the waste builds up, the more inefficient our digestive system becomes. The longer the waste sits in your system, the more harmful and toxic it becomes. CleanseRX® uses a two-phase system to enhance overall digestive health both quickly (Phase 1) and permanently (Phase 2).

Phase 1 begins the process of clearing the colon of the undigested waste. Phase 1 is four capsules that you take daily. Most people lose unprocessed waste during this phase. This formula includes a perfect balance of Psyllium Husk Powder, Lemon Bioflavonoid, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate and Senna. Psyllium Husk Powder is a very effective form of fiber that offers incredible digestive benefits by helping to push matter through the bowel. Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Carbonate are used as healthy short-term laxatives and digestive aids, helping to promote better bowel movements, which assist the Psyllium Husk in getting the waste out of the bowel. Senna is considered a “purgative,” which stimulates the intestinal walls in order to increase the efficiency of bowel movements so you get the most out of them. Lemon Bioflavonoid has been added because of its amazing antioxidant properties, which are needed to boost the immune system while your body is expelling the toxic chemicals from the cleanse. Obviously, the purpose of this phase is to clean out the bowel and remove all the excess food and waste in order to give your colon a fresh start to be more effective moving forward. Most “colon cleanse” products only contain a simple version of Phase 1 and nothing more. The problem is that this doesn’t improve your digestion permanently, and it won’t keep the waste from building up again.

This is what makes CleanseRX® far superior to other colon cleanse products—it makes your colon a more healthy organ that will operate more efficiently every day. Phase 2 of CleanseRX® is meant to be taken after you finish Phase 1. It is a month supply and comes in the form of a powder that you can mix with any liquid. It tastes good, so it is easy to take. Although Phase 2 is just a month’s supply, most people incorporate this part of CleanseRX® into their lives indefinitely. We can clearly understand this because it makes you feel so much more healthy and energized. Phase 2 is a very impressive formula consisting of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Enzymes and other various ingredients that give your colon and digestive system the nutrients they need to help you digest all your food much quicker than you would have before. The ingredient listing for Phase 2 is so substantial that we can’t list them all here.

We suggest visiting the official website to see a detailed list of this formula. We can tell you that Phase 2 contains the perfect amount of active Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, which is what enables you to digest your food faster. The amount of energy your body saves on digestion with Phase 2 is incredible. Do you know how you usually feel tired or slow after eating a big and/or heavy meal? Well, with Phase 2, you can expect that issue to be noticeably less apparent. This is why people sometimes take this phase for the rest of their lives.

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Cost and Refund Policy
A single Phase 1 and Phase 2 package costs $79.99, a reasonable price for a two-month system and a product of this quality. However, if consumers wish to do the CleanseRX® system with a friend or family member at the same time, two of these systems can be purchased for only $144.99 (a $15 savings). Ordering three systems together offers an even bigger discount of $40 at a price of $199.99. As well as being able to order the two-part system, consumers can purchase additional units of Phase 2. A single jar of Phase 2 costs $49.99, but again, multiple-jar orders provide progressively bigger discounts, with up to $60 in savings for four jars. We highly recommend ordering additional Phase 2 units at the time of purchase because most customers continue to take this phase for a long time, if not forever.

While some may be wary of ordering several jars or systems at a time because of the possibility that the product may not meet their expectations, CleanseRX® comes with a full 90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, offering a 100% refund for any and all products purchased within 90 days of that purchase. This gives consumers the chance to fully experience the benefits of CleanseRX® at absolutely no risk. Most companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (if any), so this shows incredible confidence on the manufacturer’s part. There is no doubt in their minds that you will love this product, so they have no reservations about guaranteeing their product with such an impressive refund policy.

The official CleanseRX® site overall offers an incredible amount of easy-to-follow information in an attractive and easy-to-navigate format. The product information sections are detailed yet to the point. There is a clear list of all the ingredients in both phases. The order page is clear and concise, offering options for purchase and savings and discounts for multiple products. We recommend reading their valuable “Questions” page, which will answer anything you are looking for. However, should you have any questions, feel free to contact their helpful customer service department, which is open Monday through Friday during business hours. They are easy to contact, and the phone numbers are listed clearly on the “Contact Us” page. We don’t like companies that do not offer good customer support and expect their customers to e-mail them for assistance.

We also recommend checking out their “Customer Testimonial” section. Their customers clearly love their product and share their enthusiastic success stories openly. Most products don’t have enough testimonials to warrant a full page of the website. Additionally, most people don’t take the time to write a testimonial because they are too busy. With CleanseRX®, they get so many repeat customers because of how long people end up taking Phase 2, so their customers take the time to share why they keep taking the product. We really respect this.

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• Two-part system is the most comprehensive approach to colon cleansing and health, offering both initial cleansing and long-term maintenance.
• You will lose undigested waste.
• You will have enhanced digestion providing more energy every day.
• Relief from bloating, gas and heartburn.
• You will not suffer from feeling sluggish or tired after eating.
• A stronger and clean colon prevents colon cancer.
• Priced reasonably and offers discounts on multiple-system and multiple-jar purchases.
• Ordering options are flexible, fitting the needs of each individual.

• You need to wait a month before seeing how wonderful Phase 2 feels.
• Not available in stores—only available from the official website.

Final Thoughts
Doing a good colon cleanse is not something you want to waste your time with by taking an ineffective product. There are plenty of colon cleanse products on the market today, and each of them offers what they consider the “best” cleansing possible, even though some are just generic fiber pills. CleanseRX® is without question a scientifically advanced system that is backed by two very effective products that were clearly formulated with great attention to detail. This is more than a colon cleanse—it is an improvement in life. With its two-phase system, you will not only cleanse the colon of unwanted toxic waste, but you will have improved digestion, energy and long-term well being. Phase 1 is a very good formula that is 100% essential in getting you ready to experience better digestive health, but Phase 2 is an awesome formula you may want to take forever and we have not seen anything of its quality.

Clearly, this is why the company offers a very attractive 90-day money-back guarantee—they know the customers will feel the difference. In fact, we definitely recommend reading through the testimonials page on the official website—their customers say it all. There is no doubt that everyone will benefit from a good colon cleanse. If you are ready to take it seriously, you can’t go wrong with CleanseRX®. We recommend buying this product, and if you feel it wasn’t for you, please take advantage of the great refund policy.

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