Review Summary

Preventative health was just not a concern when you were younger. You felt invincible, potent and heedless for so long, but now, suddenly you realize that you’re getting older, and you must take care of your well being. You’ve stopped eating red meat, or at least tried to eat less, you’ve begun jogging three times a week and see your general practitioner regularly for physical exams. You know that you need to monitor your cholesterol, your heart health and that of your prostate.

Greater attention has been paid to this serious issue in recent years, preventing many senseless deaths. There are certain supplements, products made with herbs and botanicals that may support your prostate health. They may even give your sex life a boost while you’re at it. Your wife will appreciate having you around for a few more decades, especially if you are pleasing her on a new level in the bedroom. You may wish to look into Cernilton® Flower Pollen Extract, from Graminex.

Ingredients at a Glance
Promoted as an extra strength formula consisting of “100% pure, concentrated and standardized” Cernitin Pollen Extract. Regular use may result in feelings of increased vitality.

Ingredients in Focus
This Pollen Extract has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties; it may work to relax the muscles that surround the urethra, as well as to inhibit growth of prostate cells. This rye pollen extract has been reported to improve symptoms of chronic prostatitis. A preliminary report from the Ukraine on the use of the flower would seem to suggest that it may also have a positive impact on the liver, gallbladder, stomach and intestines.

To be clear, this flower pollen extract may not necessarily give you stamina and prowess with regard to your sex life. It may be a good idea for those who have been told that they may develop prostate cancer to take an herbal supplement. It may support your mood and energy levels as well. We believe it is not a substitute for products that contain herbs targeted for erectile dysfunction.

• A recent book on prostate health apparently supports claims that this supplement works well

• Six tablets daily
• Not targeted for ED

Final Thoughts
In closing, we believe Cernilton® may be a very fine supplement for middle-aged men who wish to keep their prostate healthy naturally. We feel it may not be, however, an appropriate sexual enhancer. It is said that men with higher testosterone levels typically have a diminished risk of developing prostate cancer. It may, therefore, be advisable to look for a product that supports testosterone naturally. Eurycoma Longifolia has become popular for its alleged testosterone-enhancing properties, and may be a better choice for some people.

We find a quality male sexual enhancer will include herbs like Epimedium, Damiana and Yohimbe. The leaves of the Damiana plant were originally used as medicine by the indigenous cultures of Central America, particularly those of Mexico. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency in men by the native peoples of Yucatan, including the Mayan Indians, for thousands of years. It is said to act as a sexual stimulant and produce a feeling of general well being. Damiana is sometimes used in men to treat premature ejaculation, sexual sluggishness and prostate complaints. It is often used in combination with other herbs to treat impotence. Research shows it combines well with Epimedium. Horny Goat has shown testosterone-like effects, stimulating sexual activity and desire, increasing sperm production and stimulating sensory nerves. Epimedium has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years in China, and research has also proven its effects on improving sexual desire and performance.

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