Butea Superba

Review Summary

Formulas that use a variety of ingredients have been very popular on the male sexual enhancement market. However, recently, some single element products, such as Epimedium, have become popular because of their proven ability to produce results, while others have become popular due to a certain level of notoriety, which may or may not be rooted in fact. Butea Superba has been advertised as the “new best thing on the market”, which may drastically enhance male sexuality. We like to carefully review these elements in order to get a well-rounded idea of a product’s true capabilities.

Ingredients at a Glance
Holistic male sexuality enhancers come from all around the world, and Butea Superba is no different – it is indigenous to Thailand, where it has historically been used to aid middle aged and older men in increasing their sexual potency and virility. While folklore may be grounded in fact, we feel it is not always enough to support a supplement’s effectiveness. We prefer to examine scientific data that confirms an element’s ability to enhance sexuality, such as clinical studies which show that Ginseng significantly improves sexual satisfaction in men with premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, this kind of research is not available for Butea Superba at this time.

Ingredients in Focus
It has been suggested that Butea Superba has some anticholinesterase-like abilities. This is important, because this would mean that this element increases acetylcholine levels, which may have a direct effect on erection quality. However, as of yet, research has not proven that Butea Superba has an ability to augment erections or increase sexual function, and we find the conjecture around its abilities remains just that, conjecture.

Nevertheless, what is clear at this juncture is that Butea Superba is also being studied for a very different reason - it is believed to enhance breast size in women. Some men have reported that they are hesitant about using this element because they are afraid it may increase their breast size.

Sexual Lifestyle
Butea Superba may eventually be proven to have some ability to enhance some aspects of erectile health, and/or increase a woman’s breast size. However, at this point, the only thing that is clear to us about Butea Superba is that more research needs to be conducted to assess its true capabilities.

Nevertheless, there are some elements that have been proven to be effective in this arena. For instance, Tribulus Terrestris, an herbal testosterone enhancer, has been shown in clinical studies to augment testosterone production by directly affecting the luteinizing hormone, thereby increasing virility, sex drive and potency. It has also been shown to increase sperm count and motility.

• Products are relatively inexpensive

• No research at time to prove the developers assertions regarding its ability to enhance sexuality
• No testimonials posted on this website as of review

Final Thoughts
Butea Superba is advertised to enhance sexual sensitivity and performance, as well as “relieve andropause” and aid with long-term impotence. However, we see little evidence to support these claims as of this review. When these kinds of claims are made, we like to see supporting documentation posted on the website to validate them, especially when an element is relatively unknown. However, none are posted on this website as of this review, which is troubling to us, but not surprising.

As noted above, there are some elements that have a proven ability to increase sexuality. Many savvy individuals seek out a combination of elements which address sexuality from multiple avenues. Ginseng is often used to ease erectile and sexual fatigue, while Epimedium has proven to significantly enhance libido and virility; and Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone to keep a person’s sex drive working at an optimal level.

Clinical research demonstrates these three elements work extremely well together, because they augment each other’s strengths, while easing their weaknesses. We prefer to see developers provide well thought-out and fast-acting formulas, in order to give individuals the results they need and desire.

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