Blakoe Ring

Review Summary

The Blakoe Ring may have become a sexuality enhancer, but it was originally invented as a method of addressing incontinence in the early 1950s by Dr. Robert Blakoe, a rather infamous anatomist and physiologist. According to the mythology around this product, at the time, they noticed that the ring had a “side-effect” – it improved a person’s sex life. However, this may not be as surprising as you may think, because when men age, arteries harden and thicken, so that less blood flows, and erections are dependent upon vasodilatation and blood flow. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this product to see what it may have to offer.

Product at a Glance
As the name suggests, the Blakoe Ring is a ring-like device, which consists of a piece of copper tubing, a zinc corrosion-inhibitor rod and some latex hosing. It is a rather simple device, but let’s take a deeper look at its construction, and the concepts used to create it.

Product in Focus
This device was created to go over the penis, and be placed around the base of the penis and the upper part of the scrotum. This is so that when the ring is closed, it leaves the lower part of the scrotum, the testes, and the greater part of the penis suspended free below it; providing support for the testes.

However, it is also said to provide a gentle, spontaneous, steady electrical current to a man’s genitalia. This stimulation is believed to enable men to have longer erections, ease impotence and increase sexual pleasure. This effect occurs because the somewhat moist skin, which contains acid, comes into contact with the alternating zinc and copper plates. It also is suggested to stimulate the manufacture of hormonal secretions by the testes.

These hormones are important because they play a role in male health in general, and have been shown to have a positive effect on the muscles in the body, including the heart, as well as having a positive effect on the central nervous system, which may have mood-elevating effects.

Sexual Lifestyle
The Blakoe Ring is advertised to be worn anywhere or anytime, as well as being comfortable to wear during the day. However, some men have reported that it is rather uncomfortable, and that they prefer to wear it only during intercourse. But here too, some men report that it is hard to wear. Clearly, the Blakoe Ring is scientifically designed, but that does not always translate into creating a device men wish to wear or use to augment sexuality.

• May increase hormone production, erectile function and health, as well as impede incontinence

• No research posted at this time
• As of review, no testimonials posted
• Some men report that it is uncomfortable to wear

Final Thoughts
For men who have tried both pharmaceutical-grade medications and holistic supplements and have not achieved results, the Blakoe Ring may be an option they wish to explore more fully. However, as noted above, many men find it that is hard to wear, often reporting that it may be uncomfortable to wear during intercourse. That said, holistic supplementation has been shown to be extremely effective in enabling men to increase the potency and frequency of erections.

For instance, Yohimbe, an African aphrodisiac, which contains Yohimbe, has been used across the globe to boost sexual desire. It has also been shown to increase vasodilatation in the genitals, as well as augment cGMP levels to create erections that look and feel fuller, harder and stronger, while lasting longer. It is often used in conjunction with Damiana, an herbal extract that increases sexual potency, desire and stamina; while also stimulating the nerves in the penis and increasing augment blood flow to the genital area, thereby enhancing erections and pleasure.

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