Argi Vive III

Review Summary

Argi-Vive III is a drink said to assist people in increasing their sex drive. At the time we write this review, we find some positive consumer reactions to support the said effectiveness of the product. However, upon closer inspection, we discover that some of these testimonials do not mention the name of Argi-Vive III. We will discuss this finding later in the piece.

Ingredients at a Glance
Argi-Vive III contains several ingredients that may increase an individual’s sex drive. These ingredients include: Ginseng, which is said to serve as an energy booster, athletic performance enhancer and aphrodisiac; Niacin, which is known for increasing the metabolism; Arginine, believed to increase sexual potency; and Calcium, which is said to increase bone strength and is found in milk and other diary products.

While these ingredients may be highly effective at enabling people to increase their sex drive, we have some concerns. Most notably, studies show Arginine is said to have potential to cause genital viruses for some people. This bothers us severely, because we believe that people should be able to buy products like these in order to better their sex lives, not to risk possible damage to the organs said to enable these functions.

At the time of this review, we find some positive testimonials to support the said effectiveness of this product. However, upon closer inspection, we find that some of them do not actually mention the name of the product. Many motion picture companies and television stations conduct the practice of taking two or three words from a review and then put them into a context that makes it sound as if they are saying something positive about the movie. We cannot verify for certain as to whether the company conducted this practice, but we feel that we may infer quite reasonably.

In our research, we come across many products that are manufactured and marketed with the intent of assisting people in improving their sex lives. From what we have seen, the most popular of them contain Damiana, which has received a great deal of praise for its known ability to increase sexual potency. We would steer our readers towards one of those, as they may be better able to meet their performance needs.

• Contains Ginseng
• Comes with money-back guarantee
• Received some positive consumer reactions at time of review

• Some testimonials do not mention product’s name
• No Damiana
• May have some unwanted side effects, particularly genital viruses

Final Thoughts
Argi-Vive III is marketed to assist people with their sexual performance needs. And it may be able to do just that. However, we have some concerns that we feel need to be addressed.

Our most troubling concern stems from our suspicions that some of the consumer feedback may not be genuine. In our sex-driven, sex-obsessed society, products like this have become the standard in performance enhancement. Therefore, we feel we could reasonably come to expect that a product like this would be able to garner much in the way of genuine praise, and not need any “padding” to support its said benefits. The potential side effects we find only diminish our confidence further.

Still, it may be able to work effectively for some people who wish to use it. However, there are several products that contain Damiana, are supported by a vast amount of real consumer hype and do not carry the potential side effects we note above.

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