Anal Eaze

Review Summary

As many of us who have shopped online for sexual enhancement products know, there is a wide variety of products and devices available. There are holistic formulas which are geared toward increasing testosterone production and erectile functioning that may include elements such as Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris; while there also lotions, vibrators and stimulants to increase sexual pleasure.

There is also a little talked about, yet significant section of the market geared toward assisting individuals in exploring anal sex. Anal Eaze, promoted as a “special” lubricating cream, is one of these products. It was created to assist people to “ease the way to complete anal enjoyment”. Let’s take a look at this product to see what it may have to offer.

Ingredients at a Glance
Anal Eaze employs a “mild anesthetic”, known as Benzocaine, to enhance comfort during anal penetration. Many individuals use these products to assist a partner in getting through their first time engaging in anal sex. However, while some individuals find these kinds of creams to be effective, others say that they do not help. Nevertheless, let’s take a more detailed look at Benzocaine, which is the only ingredient disclosed for this formula.

Ingredients in Focus
Anal Eaze is a “desensitizing cream”, which works by blocking nerve signals in your body, specifically in the anus. As noted above, Benzocaine is the primary ingredient in this product. However, some people are already acquainted with this element, even if they don’t know it, because it is used in many products geared toward reducing pain. It is found in formulas geared toward reducing the pain and discomfort associated with minor skin irritations, sore throat, sunburn, ingrown toenails, hemorrhoids and many other sources of minor pain involving the surface of the body.

However, Benzocaine has also been to numb the inside of the mouth, nose, throat, vagina or rectum in order to lessen the pain associated with inserting a medical instrument, such as a tube or speculum. It is this use that has made it popular in products such as Anal Eaze, which are used to numb the anus prior to anal sex.

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is possible to “overdose” on numbing medications, which may cause fatal side effects if a person absorbs too much of this medication through the skin, and if it makes its way into the blood stream; although it is said this is more likely to occur when used in a medical procedure.

Nevertheless, it may be useful to know the signs of overdose, which may include uneven heartbeats, convulsions, coma, slowed breathing or respiratory failure. It is said those who have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or other breathing disorders, heart disease or a history of methemoglobinemia, should consult a health care provider before using this medication.

Sexual Lifestyle
Anal Eaze is a cherry flavored anal lubricant, which is suggested to be used in sparing amounts. The developer suggests that individuals place a small amount of Anal Eaze on their anus, a few minutes before engaging in anal sex. An individual may supposedly feel the desensitization process begin to kick in. However, it is important to remember that not everyone will have the same reaction to it. As noted earlier, some people report that it did not ease all their pain. Also, it is important to remember that this lubricant is not condom-safe.

• May make engaging in anal sex easier

• Not intended to increase sexual performance or pleasure
• Limited information provided about this product as of review

Final Thoughts
For those people who are looking for a product to assist them or their partner in fully engaging in anal sex, while reducing the initial pain, Anal Eaze may represent a viable solution. However, we believe it is important to note it will likely not do anything to increase sexual performance or pleasure; although there are some products on the market which may support this aspect of sexuality.

For instance, Damiana, an herbal extract used extensively in Holland, has been shown to increase sexual potency, desire and stamina. It has been shown to increase the sensitivity of nerves in the penis, in order to augment blood flow to the genitals, as well as create firmer and longer lasting erections.

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